Support a Friend Diagnosed With Cancer

By: Christine Clifford Beckwith
Posted: 07/02/2007


If you work with someone who has been diagnosed with cancer, offer to donate one of your vacation or sick days to the cancer patient to use as a day to recover from their treatments.

Go in together with several co-workers until you have a full week of vacation days that can be offered to your friend.

They will relish the time off work to catch up on sleep, recover from chemotherapy or simply relax and enjoy a much-needed break.

On the day off that you donate, send flowers to the cancer patient and a cheerful note wishing them a wonderful day.

To cancer patients:

If co-workers ask, "What can I do to help?", suggest the donation of a vacation day to help you improve your mental health as well as the physical. A day playing hookey may be just what the doctor prescribed!

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-- Winston Churchill



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