Sharing Some of my Thoughts on Transparency

By: Daryl Wizelman
Posted: 06/06/2009

Transparency is a sensitive area for a lot of us.  

Below are some of the reminders I have learned along the way that I use on a regular basis to keep myself sane in an insane world.

If one of these items helps improve your business or your life, I will be very pleased.

1. Self honesty.  All change comes through the truth.

2. Don't bring up the past.

3. Don't be "the fixer."

4. Reaction versus action.  Sometimes inaction IS action.

5. Do your best with TODAY.

6. Don't make your own conflict.

7. Let go.

8. Do your homework and do your footwork.

9. What I get is never going to equal to what I give.

10. You always have choices.

11. This too shall pass.

12. Stay out of another adults decision making unless I am asked to provide input.

13. Don't judge.

14. Set and adhere to boundaries.


16. Be aware of what you say and do and how it affects other people.

17. Be grateful.

18. Take care of yourself so you can be of service to others.

I am sharing my thought process with the goal of helping us to change our thinking and approach life more positively and live in the moment.

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