A High-Octane Formula for Business Success

By: Dan Coughlin
Posted: 10/21/2009

Executing an effective pit stop is as much a part of winning a car race as selecting the right crew chief, building a great car, or maneuvering efficiently through turns in the track.

Pit stops encompass strategy, teamwork, communication, planning, and flexibility. Knowing when to take a pit stop, being able to operate efficiently coming into and going out of the stop, taking care of the car effectively during the stop, and knowing when not to stop are all part of winning a race.

During a pit stop a driver can relax for a few seconds, get fresh tires, gain new fuel, and come out ready to go after the victory.

Racecar drivers need to sustain a high level of concentration for long periods of time. A one-second lapse in concentration and discipline can cause a serious wreck or even death.

In business, a manager needs to sustain a high level of concentration for long periods of time. A lapse in concentration and discipline can cost millions of dollars, if not billions of dollars, in missed sales opportunities, lawsuits, and operational breakdowns.

Drivers need pit stops to refuel, reenergize, and renew their performance.

The same is true for business managers. A pit stop for a business manager means taking a break from the act of managing the business.

You have to see the benefits of stopping, plan ahead accordingly, and be flexible in when you take a pit stop in order to optimize each one.

You also have to be ready to take an emergency pit stop when the situation truly calls for one.

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