Language Is -- Literally -- Everything!

By: George Kovacs, Ph.D.
Posted: 11/08/2009

Civilization relies entirely, exclusively, comprehensively on

Language is the foundation and substance of all civilized activity from law to art -- yes, even visual art and music, both of which require language in a multifareity of ways -- to education to, of course, communication!

Consequently, if / when language is misused or, worse, abused, civilization and civility are brutalized and annihilated!

So, speak / write correctly, or carry a big silence!

Your ability to communicate is, ultimately, more important than your appearance, wealth or fame because, ultimately, you are what you say.

Therefore, if you want your organization, its people, and its documents to be comprehensively-literately-rendered, you must hear -- and adhere to the incomparable and hilarious advocate of the English language.

When it comes to grammar, do you tend to stammer?

You take no delight in speaking or in writing?

Hate the complication of proper punctuation?

Use the wretched slang which disgraces proper language?

Your mind isn't jelling with the correct spelling?

Your brain, very thin, lacks hint or glint of syntax?

Then go hear Dr. K. propel you the proper way!

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