Life: Waste Life No More!

By: Gunther(Gus) Karger
Posted: 03/17/2010



Gunther(Gus)  Karger


Life is what we make

The choices we take


Opportunities that came and went

The people we chose as friends


The situations we encountered

All these led to our life today


We want to go back

Do things differently but we can't..

The hands of the clock won't turn back

The today we face is not the "today" we wanted nor planned.


But it is our life today we face

It is the life we live

It is the life we made

It is what it is.


Face it squarely, grab what's real

Move forward


Learning from our past is a must

Don't repeat what got us "here".


Time is the best teacher

But we must learn


We must hurry though .

Each day lost is one day less to come.

Our days get shorter

Autumn is nearing


Life is about decisions and their consequences.

Some good, some bad


When in doubt about who got us here,

The answer is the face in the mirror you see


So let's get going

Time is short


Learn from what's done

Waste life no more!

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