Public Address Announcements

By: Roger I. Burgraff, Ph.D., (Speech Pathologist)
Posted: 08/08/2007

Have you ever been at an airport or other public gathering and asked yourself...
"What was that last announcement?"

Delivering important information over public address systems is essential, at airports, athletic events, conventions, department stores, and hospitals. Announcements are vital to customer service, safety issues, and security measures, concluding transactions, placing orders and planning. Yet, the public frequently experiences the frustration of not being able to understand, or act on what has been announced.

Have you ever gotten into real difficulty because you were at the wrong place at the wrong time or didn't get to the right place on time? It is critical for those using the public address system to appreciate the awesome importance and responsibility of getting the announcement out to the public as clearly as possible.

Could your announcements and their delivery be improved? "A resounding Yes!"

Now you and your team can increase the "hit rate" of publicly announced messages through maximizing the intelligibility of public address system announcements. Dr. Roger I. Burgraff, Ph.D. has analyzed this multifaceted problem and developed a practical interactive program to substantially increase the intelligibility of publicly announced messages.

How is this program structured?

The "how to" essence of the program is to upgrade delivery methods by new, clearer message presentation. Elements such as voice, speed of speech, articulation, pronunciation, breathing, accenting words and pausing are just a few of the many detailed methods. 

You develop heightened awareness and a sense of empathy with the listening public.

The key barriers, which interfere with public communication, are reviewed and practical means are presented to deal with each of the barriers. Various problems will always exist to prevent perfect universal understanding. Circumstances such as noisy environments, individuals with a hearing loss (many senior citizens), combined with listeners who are fatigued, confused or emotionally overwhelmed will act as barriers to reception of important information.

Being better informed is among the many benefits of maximizing the intelligibility of public announcements for the clients, consumers, customers, patients, and travelers.

Benefits of maximizing the intelligibility of public announcements:

Customer satisfaction improved 
Positive public relations Decreased traffic congestion  
Reduced stress Fewer complaints    
Safety concerns decreased Heightened image  
Sales increases Improved compliance    
Security risk decreased Increased satisfaction of a job well-done  
Smoother flow of goods and services Less confusion  
Time saved 


Roger I. Burgraff, Ph.D., speech pathologist, provides exciting, interactive, and practical programs designed to help impart intelligible information to the public.

What we don't want to have is "a failure to communicate," (Cool Hand Luke).


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- Joseph I. Kessler, President
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