Definition / Thesaurus: Speaker

By: Joseph I. Kessler
Posted: 08/14/2007

speak·er  (spkr)  (NOUN):

  1. One who speaks.

  2. A spokesperson.

  3. One who delivers a public speech.

Speaker The presiding officer of a legislative assembly.

speaker (noun)

  1. A person who speaks on behalf of another or others: mouth, spokesman, spokesperson, spokeswoman. Informal: mouthpiece. 
  2. One who delivers a public speech: lecturer, speechifier, speechmaker. 

    lecturer (lec·tur·er

    lecturer definition
    One who delivers lectures, especially professionally. A member of the faculty of a college or university usually having qualified status without rank or tenure.   A faculty member ranking below an assistant professor. The academic rank held by such a faculty member.       Chiefly British A university teacher, especially one    ranking next below a reader.

speechify (speech·i·fy)


speechify (intr.v. speech·i·fied, speech·i·fy·ing, speech·i·fies)

To give a speech: "In Washington, cabinet secretaries pose and speechify" (Jonathan Alter).

speechifier synonyms (noun)

One who delivers a public speech: declaimer, lecturer, speaker, speechmaker. 

speechify derivatives (speechi·fier n.)

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