Secrets To Boost Your Brand & Business

By: Liz Goodgold
Posted: 10/27/2010

Determine your brand DNA so that you outshine your competitors
Ensure your brand is authentic from the beginning
Create a "head whip" 7-second hook (vs. the old 30 second infomercial)
Develop buzz,  referrals, and really "give them something' to talk about." 

Why customer service, value, and quality are actually hurting your business branding

Write "screaming good" headlines and subject lines for your articles or emails  
Provide an unbelievable brand experience that creates loyalty and raving fans
Romanticize all 6 senses to create an emotional connection with your clients

Master the do's and don'ts of the business card   
Convert more prospects into customers with easy-to-implement strategies
Stop lowering or negotiating your fees to earn more profit! ?

Experience the value of: 
Are you "stuck" on how to talk about your brand?

Does it take you 3 minutes to explain your business?

How small and large businesses used these exact same principles to double their business
Interactive Exercises - You'll work your way through the essential steps focused on your business.

"Let World Class Speakers & Entertainers enhance your next event by providing the appropriate speaker or entertainer to fit your program and budget requirements."

- Joseph I. Kessler, President
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