The purpose of any business is not just to make money

By: Hank Moore
Posted: 11/07/2011

Re-defining key business terms by what they potentially represent.

The purpose of any business is not just to make money. It is to be JUST:
  *  Committed to customers.
  *  Respectful of employees.
  *  Successful enough to grow, pay its dues and continue growing.
  *  Upholding standards of quality and commitment.
  *  Focused through everything else we back to our customers.
Too often, one hears about what goes wrong in business relationships.  If business is conducted honorably and professionally, then profitability and success flow from doing the right things...not from pursuing false goals.
The best successes are earned and learned.  We should not take good fortune for granted. 

Business track records are garnered by going the distance, reading the trends and continually changing. 

As the years go by, one continues paying dues.  Learning, experiencing and evaluating is the best process to achieve lasting success. The best dues yield nuggets of wisdom that couldn't have been earned any other way. 

The smartest person is the one who knows what he-she does not know.  With maturity comes the quest to learn more, understand the factors and apply newly acquired insights to higher purposes. The person who commits to a path of professional development never stops achieving...and profitably impacts their business relationships.
Language is food for the mind.  

Technology cannot take the place of human communication...only may add to it. 

Every opportunity should be taken to enhance literacy skills of employees and entire organization.  

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- Joseph I. Kessler, President
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