Positive Thinking

By: George Dans
Posted: 12/09/2011

That part of your mind never sleeps....

So if you plant weeds in your garden, that is your brain, then you shouldn't expect roses to grow. 
Good in, good out, trash in, trash out.
If you don't take the time to clear your mind or defrag your old failures, regrets, hates, insecurities and negative thinking, the results can be fatal to your career and life. 
The way you feel is determined by the way you think, and that comes from the thoughts that fill your mind.  When you are a positive thinker, it's almost like you have a chest of armor and a steel trap mind.  If you take the time daily to fill your mind with positive thoughts you will soon expel your negative thoughts, your lack of confidence and their friend doubt. 
Get back to reading or hearing positive thoughts.  It's not enough to say..."Oh, I say positive things all day." 
That is the equivalent of looking at food all day and not eating it. 
You can't get full by just looking at food.  Reading and learning is the same thing. 

Positive thinking is like hitting the human refresh button everyday.  With so many energy leaks and energy criminals in life, you have to take time everyday to develop your mind. 


Once you have emptied your mind, you have to fill it with something. 


Reading or hearing positive thoughts will fill your mind with boundless energy. 


Too often I hear, "I'm burned out."  Who is burned out?  How can you be burned out when you've never been on fire?

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