Sales Soar with Sticky Stories

By: Vince Poscente
Posted: 02/08/2012

We were in France. Our trip-tradition? Buy a piece of art.

We have works from St. Petersburg, Ireland, New Zealand, India and, closer to home, New Orleans. It wasn’t until an art shop in Paris did the realization occur – a sticky story is critical to the sale.

With Europe experiencing particularly frosty weather, tourists are forced indoors. You happen across an art shop and stumble through the door. The bell at the transom makes a feeble ding then disintegrates off its hinge. You turn to your spouse and say, “It’s so cold, the doors are freezing their bells off.” Your spouse grins and rolls her eyes. She then scans the room for what’s for sale.

The works are intriguing and have potential. You start to envision what piece would be best on your walls at home. Which work will represent a cherished memory from this trip?

“Could you tell us about this one?” you ask.
 The clerk peeks over her glasses and says,

“It is one sowsand Euros.” Hmmm. Okay…

“Could you tell us about zat one?” you accidentally ask in a French accent.

“Zees is seecks ‘undered Euros,” the ‘sales person’ says with more interest.

“But what can you tell us about it?” your spouse asks, giving her a real chance at putting the ‘sales’ in to the term ‘sales person.’

“It is oil. It is possible to ship. It is elegant – oui?”

You try to like what you see. Its tradition after all.

But, thirty minutes later you leave the store empty handed.

Unable to contain her annoyance, your spouse says under her breath, “Why buy something without a story?”

What do you sell?

Is it a product?

Is it a service?

Is it a direction at work?

Is it an idea for your neighbor?

Velcro a story to what you’re selling. Make the story compelling and you not only ensure the story travels. You make the narrative echo.

When a product, service, direction or idea captivates someone’s imagination it gets told repeatedly at the “purchaser’s” home. Like an objet d’art, the story about what you sold ripples across time and distance.

When others come through your door looking for the same thing, this means more sales. 

Sales soar with sticky stories




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