An Organized Plan

By: George Dans
Posted: 03/06/2012

Typical Sales Day


1.  Review log sheet and any working deals from day before and review - Always do a save a deal meeting to insure that deals that were worked can be saved. Talk to other managers so that you know what happened and what needs to be done to make deals.

2.  Get your team ready for the day - you are the face of the day, it should be positive and uplifting. Motivate - Encourage - Inspire - Train - Teach - Coach - Make It Fun - Call it Team 15

3.  Update month to date salesperson spread sheet - print out for each salesperson to review for a quick 10-15 minute meeting. Look for plus and minus percentages with each salesperson

4.  Check lot and make sure it is ready and marketable today to sell!

5.  Make sure that service lane participation is being followed through with. Have a dedicated salesperson work the service area when the most customers are there.

6.  Team leaders need to be outside with salespeople controlling flow of traffic with sales team.

7.  Training salespeople daily will help you sell more vehicles right away. Pick a subject and then train on it - make sure that salespeople are role playing, along with practicing their vehicle walk around.

8.  Review salesperson's game plan for the day - review their Daily Work Plan beginning of shift and end of shift that calls were made. Look at their George Dans Monthly Success Guide. Sign it off and now they are ready to work.

9.  Managing any sales conflicts between salespeople.

10.  Insure that online sales training is being done - George Dans' Supersystem.TV or factory training is being done.

11.  Handling heat issues with customers.

12.  100% turn - have every salesperson turn every customer to you before the customer leaves without buying - salesperson needs to fill Up card then bring customer to you before they  leave - you sign off card, interview customer and look for a way to help customer today, or find true objection.

13.  Check your salespeople's game plan during the day to insure daily success.

14.  Have salespeople fill out Success Guide before they go home each night.


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