Life is all about taking Risks

By: Steve Sax
Posted: 04/14/2012

Many times in business we hear the term "risk and reward go hand and hand". 

Such is the format in our lives. When I was a stockbroker, one ridiculous thing I would hear was, "I am expecting a 20% return but I don't want to take any risk".  

Obviously, this unreasonable request was met with the explanation that this wish was extremely improbable. 

How many people in our society are not willing to risk? 

How many people are willing to just stick their toe in the water? 

These questions can be answered by asking another simple failure worth it?

Yes, failure is worth it.  I am going to put it all on the line, and if I fall completely on my face while striving for something that I love and believe in,of course it's worth it.  Because, you see, being fearful of failure should not be the deterrent.

Personally, not ever knowing or exposing the potential greatness of one's inner self is absolutely frightening.

Trudging along in mediocrity and withering away to an old hapless soul is not what I would envision as the embodiment of success. Great success stories are full of examples of overcoming great failures. 

I wonder what Thomas Edison would have done if he'd stopped at failure number 8,450 in his quest of inventing the light bulb which comprised of approximately 10,000 failures?

Or if the 1980 USA Hockey team believed the hype that invincibility shrouded the Russians?

Dare yourself to be successful. Let the fear of never accomplishing all that you can be what scares you most.

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