Organizations Value the Wrong Things

By: Geoff Colvin
Posted: 07/26/2012

An elusive answer to the profound question: did great achievers get where they are because of hard work – or do they just have an abundance of natural talent? 

The answer is neither – and that’s what has people buzzing. 

How most organizations value the wrong things – passion, honesty and learning are more valuable than hours, IQ, or “native ability.”

Colvin demonstrates that world-class performance doesn’t come from mysterious natural gifts but rather from very specific behaviors that every individual and organization can adopt. 

His relates his examples to real life in real organizations.

People and organizations that learn from these principles gain a tremendous advantage.

The same principles used by the greatest performers can be applied by all of us – and must be, if we’re to meet the challenge of rising standards in today’s global economy.

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