An extra Day a Week: How to make time last

By: Melody Stevens
Posted: 05/25/2013

"If you always say you do not have enough time or you need an extra day a week, you feel like a hamster on a wheel spinning endlessly, or have goals, but circumstances prevent you from carrying them out."

Melody Stevens delivers a number of ideas to "gain" an extra hour a day through easy actions to perform.

"I myself suffered from poverty of time. Dieting was out of control on some days, on other days I filled myself with food and I always hung out with negative people. For a long time I felt like a victim of circumstances, which made me turn into a complainer."

Only after her father died and the financial crisis left many colleagues out of work, Stevens changed her perspective.

"I realized that when there is so much in life you can not control, feeling better about yourself is something that you should try to do."

Here are a few tips to save time or make the time to be as productive as possible.

Some guidelines to save time

1. Check email three times a day, at scheduled times, is one of 100 recommendations.

"It will not kill your business and people endure not hearing from you for a few hours."

2. When complaints are many, seek the help of a spiritual leader, a therapist or a pastor.

“The time you spend working with them will save you many more hours of complaining about family and friends."

3. Try to reduce the amount of time you devote to arguing.

"A millionaire invests his time on that which gives greatest financial dividends. A time millionaire must do the same, but looking to increase their emotional and spiritual reward." 

In this sense arguments are useless, they just make you tired and bore others.

4. It’s not productive to hang out with demanding people. Many times it’s better to say “no” to an invitation, even if the person takes offense, rather than accept and be exhausted.

5. Let go of multitasking. It is better to concentrate on one task and do it well, than to work on many have many, but not finish any. If you come home exhausted after work, it is perhaps more appropriate hire someone to take care of mowing the lawn, for example.

6. Tasks that cannot be delegated should be organized according to their level of difficulty.

"The hardest thing should be done in the morning, because then you remove the biggest problem right away." 

7. At the middle or end of the day, what’s best to do is some exercise-maybe just a walk-to relieve fatigue and clear the mind. Rather than a waste of time, giving ourselves this space allows us to think more about what things need to be done and what can be left for later.

8. If you read the newspaper, surely you do not need to spend time watching television news shows. In general, the media repeats the most important news of the day, so that in the absence of time, one should focus on only one news source. For fans of a TV series, Melody Stevens the journalist recommends scheduling the shows you want to see at what time. This prevents you from becoming "stuck" in programs that you didn’t even intend on watching.

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