Not only likeable, but powerful!

By: Mary K. Gardner
Posted: 07/16/2013

Mary K. Gardner's client is a powerhouse of a woman whose  dynamic force of positivity on her face a face that lights up a room when she walks in front of a group. 

Gardner crafted a speech for her that was given in front of her client's board of directors and not only was she preparing to impress them but she wanted to inspire them!

Mary's client was doing one thing wrong to take away some of her credibility without her even knowing it. 

She was already likeable, but then become powerful with one tiny little tweak from Mary!

Likeable people are agreeable.

They're warm. 

They're comfortable. 

Powerful people have a gleam in their eye, showing that passion and fire, with their eyes intently focused on who they want the message to reach.

Consider the football player, running for the end zone. The football player knows where he has to go, and will do whatever he can to get there.

One step the wrong way and he gets tackled. 

The same is true for each of us in life. We may not reach the end zone if we don't adjust. 

From the words we speak to the actions we take, we are providing messages to the world. 

Even our bodies tell people everything about us. But, we can learn to adjust, so our message gets across, how we want it to!

What was the one thing that Gardner's client adjusted, in order to influence her board?

What was the one thing that made all of the difference was in how she may have been perceived?

Answer: How she tilted her head when she spoke!

Gardner suggested that she look straight instead of tilting her  head when she spoke. 

With this one adjustment, her arms took a more powerful stance in front, and she stood on two solid feet looking ahead.

When she had something serious to report, like numbers, and data and any time she needed to command the attention of the audience? She adjusted her head!

Now she is more powerful, and ready to deliver a serious message.

What about you?

Do you possibly need a tweak in how you present? 

Is that tiny thing that needs adjusting costing you or your staff or group, dollars that could be flying into your organization?

Maybe it’s time to huddle and get a new game plan.  Sometimes a small change is all it takes!

Present (boring) numbers to her board of directors.

Here was our formula:
1. Powerful Question that engaged the audience immediately that brought them back in time to a really amazing memory.
2. She endorsed everyone in the room for being a part of such a dynamic team and she told them how their culture was so unusual and it made them all feel good about being there.
3. She told a story that was a human interest story of someone's life changing.
4. She presented the numbers with excitement.
5. She issued a challenge for everyone to dig deep .. to get better .. every day and how to do it.
6. She started the close with the team mission
7. She finished with a world vision of her team/hospital, and where they can go.

Short of being "life changing" she she said it has catapulted her career to the next level and has elevated her status with the board, her peers and of course, her boss.  She was beyond excitement.

She nailed it.

"Let World Class Speakers & Entertainers enhance your next event by providing the appropriate speaker or entertainer to fit your program and budget requirements."

- Joseph I. Kessler, President
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