Business Brand the Center of Attention or Influence?

By: Ruth Klein
Posted: 10/10/2013

"Your Business Brand, Center of Attention or The Center of Influence?"
by Ruth Klein 


Many entrepreneurs, and professionals that Klein works with are people who have expertise and excel at what they do. She finds them to be multi-talented, wearing several different hats and many times not knowing how to integrate all of the interesting parts to what they know, their experience and what they do.


She has noticed that when she talks to these entrepreneurs about becoming an Expert Celebrity, they either do one of two things...they either understand it and it resonates with them....or they immediately say things like, "I don't want to be a Hollywood celebrity."


At that point, they have made up their mind and they are no longer listening to what I have to say!


I could not understand where the two opposite responses were coming from!


And to make matters more frustrating, I was potentially attracting my ideal clients in both situations!


Why would it be that some people understood it the way I explained it, and others were actually opposed to the messaging for themselves!


Klein ended up receiving a download and it made all the sense in the world.


Now, I finally understand what the difference is...


Becoming an Expert Celebrity is NOT about becoming the Center of Attention... it's about becoming a Center of Influence.


I realized that distinction!


Even though I knew it internally, I couldn't express it in my messaging.  


How important a clear message is!


If I don't get the messaging clear - with my branding or with my marketing - then the other person, the potential client, is not going to get it either. 


Here's a big blind spot...

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