Kinesthetic & Kleptocracy

By: Basil Venitis
Posted: 01/02/2014

Speaking tips from Basil Venitis, Ph.D.

A keynote speech usually lasts an hour, corresponding to a transcript of fifteen regular type pages. The speaker must have a good hook, walk the talk with a powerful presence, entertain, and reach the audience.

He must tell them what he is going to talk about, give an inspirational oration with passion, and summarize.

Standing ovation is the goal. The audience wants an experience, a transformation, not just information. The speaker must tune in, establish rapport, connect, have a dynamic theme, tell stories, show humor, create a dialogue, use eye contact and gestures, master silence, and conclude with a dynamic urge to action. 

The best speeches are extempore, prepared but delivered without notes. Impromptu speeches are not prepared. 

Use your arms naturally to illustrate what you are saying.  Extend your arm periodically, bridging the gap between you and your audience, to reach out with your hand in handshake position.

Kinesthetic speakers feed an audience’s hunger to experience a presentation on a physical, as well as an intellectual, level.

Kinesthetic speakers create powerful nonverbal messages that reinforce their verbal ones.

By generating kinesthetic, aural, and visual stimuli, kinesthetic speakers create a rich sensory experience for their audiences.

Whenever effective public speakers end a sentence or phrase, they usually pause. This gives listeners time to absorb their words.  When I pause, I use the time to make eye contact with individuals in the audience.  I also use the pause to choose precisely what I will say next, based on how the audience is following my presentation. 

Basil Venitis speaks up for liberty and tax revolt at events around the world. 

At the podium, Venitis criticizes the dysfunctional kleptocracy that exists in all countries today and highlights the need for anarchy, abolition of taxes, especially VAT, privatization of everything, and unlimited personal liberties.

Venitis captures the attention and hearts of conferees by relating the current issues such as debt, depression, privacy, and freedom to political corruption.

Venitis's unwavering passion leaves conferees motivated to speak out, revolt, and let kleptocrats know what they want. Smart words are more effective than smart bombs.

A unique libertarian orator, Basil Venitis: as many associations, colleges, industry groups, companies, political groups, lobbyists, professional congresses, have discovered, a program by Basil Venitis add immeasurably to the enduring value of a conference. 

Venitis doesn't restate what you can learn from regular sources, but he stretches your imagination to new horizons.

Venitis is extensively involved in policy issues and the tax revolt.

He is often a part of the process, working to shape and direct critical components of libertarian issues.

Venitis is a master of a colorful rhetoric enriched with alliterations, metaphors, heightened imagery, and emotional effect. 

Venitis enables your audiences to truly learn, and provide fascinating, provocative insights and analysis, getting to the heart of the matter.

Venitis is so often called upon to present libertarian ideas and to clarify issues for the public. 

Your event deserves seven important comparative advantages:

* Value. Basil Venitis will be cherished by your conferees, guiding them at the crossroads of their lives and your organization, increasing their efficiency, and improving the good will of your organization.

* Access. Venitis works with organizations to ensure that his speeches provide maximum value, and he shares their dedication to making their event a huge success.

* Insight. Venitis's with his unparalleled knowledge of politics, economics, finance, sciences, philosophy, and spirituality.

* Transformation. Your group will be transformed to a new level of knowledge, attitude, and organizational climate.

* Revamp. Your organization will be revamped with new soul, vision, and values.

"Let World Class Speakers & Entertainers enhance your next event by providing the appropriate speaker or entertainer to fit your program and budget requirements."

- Joseph I. Kessler, President
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