Ode to a Name

By: Hermine Hilton
Posted: 05/20/2015

Ode to a Name

There once was time when the manner and size                                  
Of a man and his name would equate,                                                 
Ivan, sincerely, was Terrible                                                                 
And Peter and Henry were Great.

But today these "conventional" times introduce                                      
Each name tag presenting a fiction,                                                       
Mr. Short is quite tall, Mr. Long rather small                                          
And each face is a new contradiction.

Don't count on Miss Loving, to be very nice                                         
Or Miss Taylor, to know how to sew,
And from what I've heard, Mr. Sharp is a nerd
And Count NoMoney's rollin' in dough.

And weak Mr. Strong is married to Peach                                     
Who actually looks like a prune,                                                       
And the Feinsteins are toasting it up from a cup                               
With the Marches who married in June.

So next time we meet on Avenue Street                                        
Should we play the memory game,                                                    
As the book that you took can't be told by it's look                           
Well, my face will not give you my name.

Hermine Hilton (copyright January 1988)

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