Keynote Speaker: Michael Lee Clayton


Michael Lee Clayton is a Robin Williams clone

Keynote Speaker: Michael Lee Clayton

Program Titles

  • Stand-up comic (clean) and is able to perform on stage as Robin.
  • A Comedy & Musical Comedy presentation that is so effective that Robin requires Michael make the disclaimer
  • Funds raised was far in excess of all expectations.

Michael Lee Clayton is a Robin Williams clone.

He looks, acts and talks exactly like Robin Williams.

He is a stand-up comic (clean) and is able to perform on stage as Robin.

He is convincing to the point that when he has finished performing (despite his above disclaimerl) many in the audience still believe that Robin has performed for them. The Robin Williams character is extremely versatile. The following are some of the types of performances Michael presents.

A. Trade and convention floor crowd gatherer. Robin williams is so popular and well know to all segments of the American population and to all international attendees that there is always a line of people waiting to have their picture taken with him to take home with them to show their families. Michael has a huge "arsenal of one on one comedy" and the fun never stops. By the end of the trade or convention show most of the competitors from the other booth's and stations want pictures of "Robin." The pictures are an "exact clone of Robin".

B. Product Presenter for trade and convention shows. Michael is able to record any product message (regardless of how long or complicated it may be) and with an almost invisible ear piece, play it back presenting the message live. By hitting the pause button he is able to interject any improv or other interplay with the listeners keeping the message fresh and interesting. Michael can create the crowd, entertain the crowd, present the product, direct the crowd as per the instructions of the buyers and then hold the crowd with picture taking and one on one comedy untill the buyers can get to them all. It is very successful and cost efficient for the buyer. Incidentally, Michael retired early as sole proprietor of his own business and financial consulting firm. He has a wealth of marketing, financial and technical knowledge which causes his presentations to be knowledgeable and professional while keeping the audience interested with his "Robin" character.

C. Party Walk-around character. Michael's (Robinesque) "hugh arsenal of one on one comedy" allows him to go from person to person or table to table to have an absolutely funfilled banter with the guests. You have to see it to believe it. Again, the popularity and humor of Robin combined with Michael being his absolute "clone" breaks down the inhibitions of the guests and is a real "party mixer". One of the fun things Michael likes to do when working at "Madame Tussauds" Wax Museum in Vegas is to stand by wax characters and have people gather around him for a picture. He suddenly moves and they are so startled they scream and them a great laugh is had by all.

D. Tribute to Robin Williams. Michael performs a stage show as Robin in which he performs as Robin and then does impressions of 28 different singers and has the audience singing along with him. Great fun. A Comedy and Musical Comedy presentation that is so effective that Robin requires Michael make the disclaimer mentioned above.

E. Master of Ceremonies. All of Michael's varied talents as previously mentioned allow him to keep any type of show or presentation ceremony "moving" by virtually removing all dead time and causing the presentation to "seemlessly evolve" regardless of the complexity or changeablility of the script.

Michael has performed for almost all of the fortune 500 companies and in every Casino in Las Vegas.

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- Joseph I. Kessler, President
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