Keynote Speaker: Wendy Barlin, CPA


5 Pillars to a Strong Business Foundation plus Debunking the Myths of Incorporating

Keynote Speaker: Wendy Barlin, CPA

Program Titles

  • 5 Pillars to a Strong Business Foundation
  • Debunking the Myths of Incorporating
  • Introduction to Business Basics: Tools to measure and manage the business
  • Strategies to Guarantee you Save Money on Taxes
  • Time Management Made Easy
  • When to hire more resources
  • How to manage cash flow
  • Strategies to avoid pricing wars with the competition
  • Strategies to retain and reward team members
  • Advantages and disadvantages of each entity type for income tax purposes.

Wendy Barlin is more than an accountant. She is a Personal Business Manager and financial confidante. Her specialty is taking all the tedious financial chores off the shoulders of busy professionals and business owners so that they can focus on the areas where they excel.

Her professional experience spans years in industries as diverse as hospitality, entertainment, manufacturing and the retail industry. Together with her international background and an understanding of foreign trade, she brings rich sources of information to her clients' businesses.

Wendy is committed to her clients' success. Whether establishing cost-cutting computer systems for them, negotiating with their banks or vendors, or analyzing their cash flow, she ensures that all financial decisions lead to greater profits.

She graduated with a double major in accounting and Information systems. By learning accountancy using pencil and paper rather than computers, she knows the intricacies of the information flow through the accounting system. This makes it easy for her to solve problems quickly.

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