Keynote Speaker: Louise Cabral


Write Your Life Story To Find Out Who You Are

Keynote Speaker: Louise Cabral

Program Titles

  • Write Your Life Story
  • Millay and Me: A One-Woman Show
  • Want to learn about novel writing?
  • Realizing Your life
  • Self-Realization through the written word

Louise Cabral on creative writing: Write a novel, your life story, a biography of a famous person, a book of inspiration, a spiritual or an informative message.

Explore your own imagination, your creativity and bring who you are and what you have to offer to the world through the power of the written word.

You will be taught every technique that is used by professional writers and look forward to turning your words into successful expressions of your unique self.

Writing can bring you gratifying rewards whether you do it for your own satisfaction or have aspirations to achieve the wealth and fame as the author of a best seller.

You will learn how easy it is to master the discipline of staying with your project until it is complete and polished, ready for publication in a magazine or as a book.

These days you no longer have to depend on an important publisher to accept your work. There are many facilities by which you can access a do-it-yourself copy of your project and have the pleasure and excitement of seeing it as a book at a fairly moderate expense to you.

She will show you a step by step procedure to move you verbally and inspirationally in the direction you wish to take. Sharing your writing with others who are working with similar goals can create lasting friendships and give you the support you need so that you will never be alone in your enterprise.

Once I asked myself, if I wasn't a writer what would I want to be?

The answer came to me at once. I would want to be a psychologist.

I am endlessly fascinated with people with the human consciousness and the subterranean levels of consciousness, sub-consciousness or unconsciousness that exists in all of us.

There are so many dimensions and levels to each human being. I am convinced that, in the power of the written world it is possible to explore and know these levels of consciousness we might never have known without that discovery.

I have witnessed the changes and insights into self-realization many of my students have attained through their writing and I am dedicated to doing this kind of work for as long as I am able.

Books by Louise Cabral, including:

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