Keynote Speaker: Pat Shay


The Revolutionary New Advancement in Fake Self Help!

Keynote Speaker: Pat Shay

Program Titles

  • Empoweration! The revolutionary new advancement in fake Self Help
  • Satire, PG-13
  • Build Self Confidence: On the line between self-help and utter absurdity

Pat Shay, on Empoweration! The revolutionary new advancement in fake Self Help.

A hilarious, fast-paced, high energy presentation that sits right on the line between self-help and utter absurdity.

Pat Shay is a veteran of the Improv and Sketch Comedy scenes in Chicago and New York.

A member of the factulty of the Improv Theater.

Unlock the power to succeed, get fit, and find love.

Unlock the unknowable power of a tight-fitting suit and power point slides.

Don’t miss this opportunity to take your life from where it is to where you want it to be.

Empoweration! is a simple, actionable program, defining our ambitions and offering a program of straightforward keys to freeing ourselves.

Pat Shay appeared in commercials for such products as hardware and insurance.

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Wally Amos

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