Keynote Speaker: Scott M. Estill, J.D.


Stop Over-paying Your Taxes

Keynote Speaker: Scott M. Estill, J.D.

Program Titles

  • Plan Now & Pay Less in Taxes Later
  • Tax Strategies for Home-Based Businesses
  • Rental Properties & Taxes- How to Plan & Win
  • Tax Rules & Strategies for Stock Market Traders
  • Fun Tax Deductions: Travel / Meals / Entertainment & Other Deductions
  • Top Ten Tax Mistakes for Small Businesses & How to Avoid
  • Real Estate Professionals: How to Win the Tax Game
  • Self Directed IRAs & Your Taxes - Know the Rules
  • Business Entities & Taxes - Pros & Cons from a Tax Perspective
  • Top Ten Ways to Reduce Your IRS Audit Chances

Scott M. Estill, J.D., discussing current IRS tax matters, tax reduction and planning strategies and “inside” information on the IRS.

He has advised many business and educational groups on current methods of reducing tax burdens while avoiding IRS audit scrutiny.

He was a former senior trial attorney for the IRS.

He has appeared on numerous television and radio programs.

Scott M. Estill on a wealth of practical, valuable and money-saving tax information.

Books by Scott Estill, including:

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Wally Amos

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