Keynote Speaker: Robert E. Ayrer


Taking the Leadership Challenge

Keynote Speaker: Robert E. Ayrer

Program Titles

  • Improving profits - selling value in a price world
  • How to think like a man, sell like a woman, and be politically correct.
  • The Leadership Challenge: From Management to Leadership
  • Position your business for sale
  • Pay yourself first: financial strategies
  • Selling Value in a Price World
  • Driving up revenue
  • Increasing market share

A veteran of business and selling prepares you for business in the 21st Century.Bob Ayrer reaches his audience through their funny-bone. He is an entertaining and informative platform speaker who brings his "been there, done that" experience to every audience. His unique blend of theory and practice makes him one of the top sales and leadership speakers in the country.

FUNdamental SELLING is one of Bob's most popular presentations. Confessions of a Sales Trainer: "Selling is simple, but not easy!" If the idea of selling gives you a chill, this workshop will turn you into a selling pro.
Remember: "If you don't sell, you don't eat!"

"...unbelievable success...I recently closed 9 out of 10 sales -- and price was not an issue!"

All time favorites -- "Selling Value in a Price World! Stop letting the buyers train your sales people to give away profits. Sales people, don't let the buyer myths hold you back. Create a value-based sales attitude. Drive up revenue, market share and margins using the powerful tools of this workshop.

"...your talk was the most memorable. I would be glad to recommend you to anyone..."

Courting The Customer There is a difference between a "buyer" and a "customer." Knowing that difference can be the edge in gaining market share and profits. This enlightening and entertaining presentation will open your eyes to options in growing your customer base AND save wasted dollars in the process!
"I'm convinced that this was the best presentation the California Packaging Club has had..."

Success Plans for Changing Times (more on Success Plan)

Learn how to survive, even thrive, in a see-saw market. Learn what to do and when to do it in this timely workshop on "right sizing" your business for change. A proven winner for any business organization.

"...set the tone for one of our most productive and successful sessions."
"...convention critiques continue to is clearly consistent that you were one of the highlights of the entire convention."

"Let World Class Speakers & Entertainers enhance your next event by providing the appropriate speaker or entertainer to fit your program and budget requirements."

- Joseph I. Kessler, President
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