Keynote Speaker: Barbara Van Orden


Why first impressions are so important: Barbara Van Orden's program is inspirational & motivational

Keynote Speaker: Barbara Van Orden

Program Titles

  • Surviving a horrific accident - Barbara was told that they might have to amputate: Two broken legs & a concussion
  • Entertainment Industry Stories: Those I have known, performed with & represented
  • Women / Femininity in Business
  • Preparing yourself mentally & emotionally to move up the management ladder
  • How to get & make a deal - How to package one’s self
  • How to create a project & make it successful
  • Preparing yourself mentally & emotionally to be a CEO
  • How to develop a winning strategy for the rest of your life!

Barbara Van Orden, beautiful and dynamic, has had a multifaceted career.

She has reinvented herself many times, as a model, actress, personal manager of talent, her own production company, writer, producer, designer of clothing line, Van Orden for the Executive Woman, creator of a children’s brand, co-author of an entertainment industry book, singer/performer, currently performing her one woman cabaret theatre show across the country.

She is inspirational, motivational and uniquely qualified to guide today’s men and women in achieving their personal and professional goals.

Her career began when she became a successful fashion print model & actress.

During her tenure in fashion a Vogue Magazine editor changed the course of her career by suggesting she belonged in front of, not behind the camera.

She took the advice and became a leading print model beginning her career as the BRECK GIRL.

She graced the covers of many leading magazines over several years segueing into doing many television commercials. Barbara assumed a role in television’s Welcome Back Kotter and was in many other TV films and series episodes.

Barbara’s singing career began in the Catskill Mts. at Grossinger’s great resort. As her singing career evolved, she appeared in most of the 32 Playboy Clubs and many dinner theatres, resorts, showrooms across the country. While performing in Las Vegas at Caesars Palace,
Frank Sinatra asked Barbara if she would open for him in NY at the very
famous The Persian Room at the The Plaza Hotel.

Barbara performed many times with Sinatra throughout her nightclub career. Throughout Barbara’s career she has performed with many of the great entertainers of Broadway and Las Vegas.

She combined her business and performing backgrounds to start a personal management firm in Los Angeles, CA, successfully developing and guiding careers of writers, producers and directors. Barbara sold her management company to devote her energies to film producing.

Barbara wrote and produced the highly-acclaimed “An Evening with
Jacques-Yves Cousteau and Jean-Michael Cousteau” for the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

Van Orden and an MD, co-hosted a weekly talk show on KIEV 870 AM in Los Angeles, CA for several years, representing a fusion of the worlds of medicine and the professional woman.

She has written and produced her highly acclaimed cabaret act which
she is currently performing throughout the country.

The Entertainment Industry, audiences and critics alike were so inspired by Van Orden’s talent, achievements and story of a devastating car accident that resulted in many surgeries and years of learning how to walk again that The Southern California Motion Picture Council proudly presented Barbara Van Orden, actress, singer, writer, producer and humanitarian, "The Golden Halo Award".

Accident story: Barbara and her young son had just moved to California and were here a year.

While crossing the street near her office in Beverly Hills, CA, Barbara was run over by an epileptic who had a seizure while he was driving his car.

He hit her at the impact of 65 miles an hour and dragged her for 2 blocks.

This resulted in Barbara having 18 surgeries. Her injuries included 12 very severe breaks in her right Leg, 5 very severe breaks in her left leg, internal problems, broken ribs, fractured disc in her neck and a three by five inch gash in the front of her head, and a two by 7 inch gash to the back of her head.

The accident took 5 years out of her life, months in the hospital with both body and legs cast, another year at home in a hospital bed and then having to go to UCLA’S outpatient therapy 5 days a week, 4 hours a day for 3 years to learn how to walk again. Barbara spent over a year in a wheel chair, using a walker, crutches and then cane. The accident left her with curvature of the spine, left leg 3 centimeters shorten than her right leg.

In fact she was told by the 4 doctors who operated on her in the UCLA Emergency Room that because she was 5 ft 8 inches tall she was lucky. If she had had been 5 ft 4 inches or shorter the internal problems would have been massive, she would have died. She was also extremely fortunate not to have lost her right leg, which was in question, and very lucky she did not end up being wheel chair bound. As one looks at Barbara today, she is fortunate that all of the above is not physically visible.

Barbara is not one to be negative nor feel sorry for herself. She is just
grateful she had the strength physically and mentally to survive this horrific ordeal and was able to move forward with her life.

Barbara is a creative executive, business strategist and film producer, she has been at the forefront of the dramatic changes in the world of the professional woman.

A successful fashion model and actor, she is an astute businesswoman who has made investments in apartment buildings and shopping centers. She has invested in various real estate partnerships that owned town houses, apartments and shopping centers, taking 'hands-on' responsibilities.

She has served on the boards of six corporations, and has lectured throughout the country.

She formed Cinequest, a film production company that was located on the lot of at Universal Studios.

She has lectured at leading universities throughout the country on business strategy and has been a guest speaker before many professional business groups.

She has also written a monthly column for newspapers and magazines.

UCLA - "How to Get and Make A Deal"
USC - "Business Strategy"
Dartmouth University - "Entrepreneurship"
Emerson College - "Women in Business"
NYU - "How To Close a Deal"
American Film Institute Film School - "How To Find Good Scripts"
Stanford University - "How To Start Your Own Business"
UCSD - "The Art of Making The Deal"
University of Michigan - "Femininity in Business"
University of Chicago - "The Woman's Executive's Role"
Brandeis University - "The Executive Woman's Attire & Personality"
Northwestern University - "When The CEO Is A Woman"
Rutgers University - "How To Prepare Yourself For Business"
Marymount College - "Preparing Yourself Mentally & Emotionally to be a CEO"
Fashion Institute of Design, New York - "Putting Yourself Through College By Designing"

How to develop a Winning Strategy for the Rest of Your Life!

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