Keynote Speaker: Dr. Cynthia D. Hunter


Learn How to Succeed Against the Odds: Succeeding against the Odds

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Cynthia D. Hunter

Program Titles

  • Master Positive thinking: The First Lady of Truth
  • Gain Coinfidence
  • Take Control of your life
  • Focus through any complex situation
  • Become a Leader
  • Mold and shape your Destiny
  • Set Obtainable Goals
  • Mold and Shap Your Destiny
  • Overcome any abusive situiation
  • Diary of a Crack Addicts Wife will give you the strength & courage to succeed against the odds

Dr. Cynthia D. Hunter, an extraordinary woman, whose amazing ability to overcome her own personal tragedy in an abusive relationship with a crack-addicted spouse has given her the courage and strength fueled with determination to rise above the odds.

Stepping out on faith and believing that she could move mountains through her belief in God, she has excelled to help others learn how they too can take control of their own lives and find true happiness through positive thinking and visualization.

Cindy has spoken to standing room only crowds at fortune 500 companies such as American Express and to varies high shools and churches as well as Rehabilitation centers on drug prevention and awareness

Committed to providing motivation and encouragement to women in abusive situations helping them to restore their faith and empowering them with the inspirational tools they need in order to survive after an abusive relationship.

Books by Cynthia Hunter, including:

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