Keynote Speaker: Ralph A. Bruksos


Turning Change Into A Payday

Keynote Speaker: Ralph A. Bruksos

Program Titles

  • Turning Change Into A Payday: Re-inventing Yourself Through The Eight Stages of Change
  • How to create postive change in our lives when we have reached a comfortable plateau
  • How change causes hypothermia
  • One of the greatest motivational forces known to humankind and how to make it work for you
  • How to discard self-imposed limitations
  • How to deal with incorrect certainties and face correct uncertainties
  • How to successfully implement change with team members and customers

Ralph Bruksos...has spent a lifetime studying the impact of change on organizations and individual lives.

Ralph Bruksos rose from salesman to President of a multi-million dollar company with 23 branches.

Ralph says, "Continue to change and grow, or go home, pull the drapes and wait for it to get lateā€¦ it's our choice." As a man who has climbed mountains, parachuted to overcome fear, captained a charter boat as an avocation, and who still runs marathons and triathlons, he lives his message.

An inspiring, humorous and entertaining public speaker for many years, Ralph Bruksos teaches audiences how to make change work for them in both their personal and professional lives.

His presentation, "Turning Change Into A Payday" is designed to inspire leadership, integrated teamwork and flexible thinking, critically important resources for an organization experiencing change.

Books by Ralph Bruksos, including:

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