Keynote Speaker: Dwight C. Byers


Art and Science of Reflexology

Keynote Speaker: Dwight C. Byers

Program Titles

  • Ingham Method™ of reflexology
  • Better Health with Foot Reflexology
  • Reflexology techniques.

Dwight C. Byers is concise, comprehensive and authorative on foot reflexology.

Byers is considered by most practitioners, authors, teachers and everyone involved in reflexology, as the world’s leading authority of the subject and in the Ingham Method™ of reflexology.

He is a teacher, lecturer, and author to many, medicinal pracitioners who are, implementing reflexology as an adjunct to modern medicine.

Each year thousands of people discover the secrets to better health with Reflexology. Join the "healthier, happier" people and improve the way you feel today!

Foot Reflexology as it is known today, has grown to international proportions under the able direction of Dwight Byers, today's leading authority.

Although originally taught only to professions, now lay people around the world are using and benefiting from the Ingham Method® of Foot Reflexology.

With age comes wisdom and knowledge...and in our case, experience. For over 70 years we have been presenting workshops on the Ingham Method™. That's 70 years of experience, growth, and change most importantly 70 years of successful results.

His full color Foot and Hand wall charts, notebook charts, wallet charts, study guide, videos and books are all available. Many of the aids are in foreign language; books in seven languages, charts available in French, German and Spanish.

He is dedicated to upholding, presenting and practicing Reflexology in a professional manner.

He extends to you this invitation for a better understanding of the Ingham / Byers of REFLEXOLOGY.

Workshops give you the best possible instruction in the art of Foot and Hand Reflexology.

We will demonstrate just how, where and how long to apply this scientific method of Reflexology. These special techniques, when applied to the feet and hands, have a natural way of relaxing nerve tension and improving nerve and blood supply.

These workshops are taught with a combination of multi-media training aids ranging from film graphics to individualized physical application which enables us to give you a firm preliminary foundation in Reflexology techniques.

Stories the Feet Can Tell Thru Reflexology and Stories the Feet Have Told Thru Reflexology and the works of Dwight Byers, Better Health with Foot Reflexology, Reflexology and Anatomy & Reflexology Helper Areas Study Guide.

Learn the Ingham Method® of Reflexology techniques to help yourself, your family and friends. The Ingham Method® is a simple, effective method of helping the whole body in a natural way. These Workshops consist of theory and practical application where you will learn how to properly apply Ingham Method® of Reflexology.

These Workshops consist of Lecture and Practical both days. We welcome professionals and laymen alike.

How to assess the feet and hands including anatomy, conditions and functions.
Advanced techniques and perfecting the basic and relaxing techniques.
Techniques for working the hands

Books by Dwight Byers, including:

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