Keynote Speaker: Richard Garey


Mark Twain for President

Keynote Speaker: Richard Garey

Program Titles

  • Rumors of my death are greatly exaggerated: One Hundred Years of Mark Twain Returns to Entertain
  • Playwright, poet, and actor, Richard Garey presents a one-man show as Mark Twain Himself
  • Stage Show: Mark Twain on Business
  • Richard Garey as John Mark in The Gospel According to Mark
  • How to Start a Drama Ministry
  • An Actor Reads the Bible
  • Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to reform!

Richard Garey presents a one-man show as "Mark Twain Himself."

Richard combines his passion as a stage actor with his skill as a storyteller in developing original theater productions exploring the American experience in arts and literature.

He had performed a dynamic one-man stage visit with President John F.
Kennedy called JFK.

Garey brought his production of Mark Twain himself, to Missouri, boyhood home of Samuel L. Clemens.

Garey has performed a Twain radio show, participated in the National Tom Sawyer Days and Parade, performed public service advertisements for tourism in both radio and TV formats, and at the invitation of the Missouri State Governor’s office, assisted in the unveiling of the Missouri Quarter at the Missouri State Fair.

At the request of Bermuda’s Governor, Garey performed Mark Twain in Bermuda in Bermuda’s City Hall Theater to help Bermuda Celebrate its 400th Anniversary.

“The Year of Mark Twain” Garey traveled internationally performing the “100 Year Tour.”

Garey is also completing a novel called Mark Twain’s Last Summer.

Garey will also being touring with his acclaimed production A Shepherd’s Tale, the story of Esrom, shepherd of Bethlehem.

Garey is getting ready for the 2012 Presidential Election with a touring show called Mark Twain for President. Filled with Twain’s political wit and insight, the show is a fresh and funny way of looking at politics through the humorist’s eye.

Garey is also working on a show called Mark Twain on the Jews insights into the “Jewish question” are profound and timeless.

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