Keynote Speaker: Vivian Orgel


Mind-Body Psychology

Keynote Speaker: Vivian Orgel

Program Titles

  • Encourages emotional and physical stress management for an optimal, healthy appearance.
  • New Strategies for Stress Relief in Uncertain Times
  • Learn skills and tips for self-healing with Orgel’s Emotional Management Tools. ©
  • Psychology of Beauty
  • Underlying causes of skin problems and excessive hair, bridging beauty and health research.
  • What you don’t learn from others.
  • Electrologist, Electrology
  • Eriksonian hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Advanced Electrology
  • Orgel also on self-esteem, assertiveness and communication
  • What causes skin damage besides bad technique?

Vivian Orgel is a beauty-trade and consumer-safety educator and is a published author of health and beauty articles.

Her educational articles are published in Dermascope the Encyclopedia of Aesthetics are distributed to other allied health professionals, beauty salons, and read in medical practices.

She has inspired those affected with family loss or financial impairment post (9/11) September 11, after the catastrophic events on New Years Eve on both TV and radio.

Vivian Orgel has advanced medical focus on the underlying causes of skin problems and excessive hair, bridging beauty and health research.

Orgel has interviewed many world-renowned medical and beauty experts in the fields of endocrinology, gynecology and dermatology. As a frequent guest on a nationally syndicated TV talk shows, Vivian Orgel focused on: professional secrets, personal image and beauty tips, stress reeducation, skin care injury prevention and wrinkle-control.

A frequent consultant for personal-image magazines, including GQ, Glamour, New Woman, Vogue, Seventeen, Woman’s Day, Self, and The New York Times.

"Mind-Body Psychology," her signature image philosophy, explains factors that impact premature wrinkling, excessive hair growth, acne and other skin disorders.

Vivian Orgel has effectively reversed her own visible, premature aging and teaches others how to do the same.

She has appeared with other panelists, including best-selling New York Times authors, psychologists and medical experts in the fields of health and well-being.

Orgel formerly directed the Electrology in treating thousands of clients she has seen many nightmare and unnecessary skin injuries. She wants to spare others of skin damage. Her exhaustive research also uses her background in behavioral sciences. She shares her education therefore she offers the consumer's best tool for better health and safety.

For those who want to improve or maintain their health, well-being and excel in what they do you will learn safety tips, prevention and restoration for mind, body, and beauty as well.

She will give you peace of mind and the knowledge we all need and deserve to enhance our careers and lives safely. She will explore the group’s thoughts and ideas to be part of other solutions and personal growth.

She wants to offer you insights and opinions for stress relief and greater freedom.

She provides answers to commonly overlooked or un-asked questions by disclosing trusted professional knowledge and safe, preventative techniques for physical and emotional well-being with unknown or unthought-of of solutions; thereby empowering all individuals with heightened awareness of the connection between mind and body, as well as health and appearance.

Orgel uses various disciplines and methodologies to reveal the mysteries of emotional health, while teaching and encouraging others to grow without fear.

Orgel’s resiliency has given her an unfailing commitment and compassion to spread safe and necessary information to others. She developed the UQ. Unanswered Questions because you have the right to know what is misunderstood, misinformation, and a myth or just to be informed.

She answers commonly overlooked or avoided questions and uncovers the truth behind misleading or misrepresented consumer information dealing with hair removal, anti-aging products, and cosmetic surgery.

Her program/s also provide/s an insightful and unique approach to reducing stress, thereby controlling the health of skin without the need for costly and potentially dangerous remedies.

Learn to be more Resilient: Recovery and Renewal is a lot easier than you think!

She has the experience of a pathfinder, to lead you to healthy positive changes.

Orgel’s personal circumstances, facing many challenges taught her to be the mother of invention, prior to falling victim of the financial market collapse and watching others deeply in debt and emotionally distraught.

Her many years working with clientele provides amazing DRUG FREE approaches and the success you will achieve by using them and as an industry insider Orgel will be sharing a wealth of knowledge with you and your audience.

"She offers easy successful *Emotional Management Tool’s©*, to avoid, diminish and end sadness, depression and the painful feelings from crisis, turmoil or pain."

"Her experiences will inspire you to summon the courage to overcome. Learn easy self-healing techniques to gain control over your emotions, physical reactions and impaired psychological health, de-stress and energize without difficulty, increase your personal power."

Learn Self-Care Tools for Recovery or Greater Control:
Mind-Body Psychology©
Personality Factors©
The Distraction Technique©

Learn skills to deal with stressors to get your life back on track.

Her programs will positively impact your life with skills you can use for a lifetime.

It can become the mother of invention as a catalyst to where you excel and move forward, or it can impair yourself image, your emotional health and your physical well-being.

How you deal with loss will determine whether you move forward or stay stuck in the past.

Stress is the tension between your normal life and a new unwanted situation.

There is good stress, such as new friend or better job, but loss of job, friend or family member, income (the market, investments) or even unexpected expenses (car repairs, medical issue, school expenses) can be overwhelming and difficult to handle. These stresses take a toll on your body, skin; damage your digestion, your self-esteem and more.

Her strategies will help you in uncertain times so that you don’t have these physical and emotional problems, solutions and approaches to free yourself of the tensions.

You will also increase your personal power and protect you physical and psychological health. Vivian will describe how and what influences your own
Mind-Body Psychology©.
“The Distraction Technique, “©
and why you should schedule your Skin Procedures for Safety.

“These techniques – and many more – will give you greater control to easily de-stress and energize your life.

Beauty, health and well-being, Vivian Orgel offers you real solutions and approaches to free yourself from the effects of tensions in today’s uncertain times.

Everyone has heard of positive self-talk, frequently this is not enough.
Trying to convince yourself takes more effort and doesn’t always work.
“You can avoid what diminishes joy, productivity and pleasure in your

Get successful results and dramatically decrease or eliminate barriers and what holds you back from achieving or appreciating what you have or want.

How is this possible under the most difficult circumstances?

Even in catastrophic circumstances living in the present becomes unaffected by the past.

She Provides a Wide Spectrum of Relief For Life Issues and Concerns:

• Stress Relief- to improve health, beauty and well-being
• Aging parents issues- guilt, loss
• Abandonment
• Grief
• Loss and quick recovery
• Disappointment
• Deserving, self esteem, self love, worth
• Forever Weight loss

Emotional issues – to be use creatively
• Smooth Life Transitions
• Anxiety and Depression Relief
• Trauma-Recovery-Empowerment
• Divorce And Separation
• Mindful patterns to breakthrough and end triggers
• Compassionate Grief and Loss
• Coping With Chronic Pain and Physical Illness

Emotional Management is key component maintaining a youthful appearance. Success and beauty coaching

Vivian Orgel's professional commendations include an

Outstanding Achievement, England and a presidential citation from the International Guild of Professional Electrologists, Inc. (For her devoted invaluable contributions rendered to the industry.)

Her professional accolades also include tremendous media acclaim and attention to her research of health, beauty and behavioral sciences and dedication to helping others achieve their image potential and a healthier life.

Orgel's innovative strides within the health and beauty arena, continually reaching for new ideas, she broke through many personal and financial obstacles to confront the challenges of an ever-changing industry.

She explores problems that would have gone unsolved, offering new answers to our aesthetic concerns.

Orgel's commitment to consumer safety is ongoing. She separates myths and fraudulent claims from beauty truths. This is a rare professional accomplishment. Her aesthetic insights enable her to assess and inform consumers about safety procedures and empower their wellness potential, advancing men's and women's awareness and addressing their ever-changing beauty and lifestyle needs.

She shares her personal growth and experience in the hope that others will benefit.

Vivian Orgel's emphasis on women's health issues encompasses emotional well-being and safety.

She believes that this information is not only relevant but also empowering to today's men and women. Orgel's skin-safe therapies utilize an investigative, diagnostic approach in examining the extremely complex concerns facing us daily.

She emphasizes that mind-body wellness is vital in preventing skin damage and in controlling excessive, unwanted hair growth.

Addresses the causal link between stress and these beauty concerns, providing solutions through professional medical advice and her personally developed philosophies, "Mind-Body Psychology."

Orgel pioneered a medical focus on the underlying causes of skin problems and excessive hair, bridging beauty and health research.

Consumers are often misled through even the best known publications. Instead, Orgel's timely compilation is a fact-packed wellness, resources containing numerous, detailed interviews for better health, optimal well-being and safe beauty enhancement.

Containing opinions and advice from highly recognized medical and beauty authorities.

Additionally, important dermatology, endocrinology, gynecology, nutritional, emotional, and self-care advice from other prestigious practitioners are included. Explore other avenues and options: exhaustive research, from stress control to innovative facial resurfacing technologies, do-it-yourself tips and trade industry secrets are offered attacking myths from all angles, leaving only the exposed truth regarding health care, beauty, cutting-edge surgical procedures, etc.

Books by Vivian Orgel, including:

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