Keynote Speaker: Joseph M. Soll, LCSW


Psychology - Psychotherapy, recognized as an expert in adoption related issues.

Keynote Speaker: Joseph M. Soll, LCSW

Program Titles

  • Psychotherapist: The Effects of Separation of Mother and Child
  • Adoption Healing... A Path to Recovery for Women Who Lost Babies to Adoption
  • Adoptees and Their Interpersonal Relationships
  • The Psychological Death of a Mother
  • Sexual Abuse Issues
  • You Love Me? I’m out of here
  • Adoptees & Criminality
  • Gives support to adoptees, original parents and those who have adopted.

Joseph M. Soll, LCSW, D.A.P.A., Psychotherapy, recognized as an expert in adoption related issues.

Soll has organized and coordinated seven international mental health conferences on adoption attended by mental health professionals.

He has been an expert witness in court about adoption related issues and has lectured widely at adoption agencies, social work schools, mental health facilities and mental health conferences.

Soll has appeared on radio and television more than 300 times, given more than 130 lectures on adoption related issues and has been featured or quoted in more than three dozen newspapers, books and magazines.

He was portrayed as a therapist in the NBC made-for-TV movie about adoption, The Other Mother. He recently played himself in the HBO original movie Reno Finds Her Mom.

He was featured in the Telly Award winning Global Japan documentary, “Adoption Therapist: Joe Soll”

His own story as an adoptee has been presented more than thirty times on Unsolved Mysteries. He has walked the 250 miles from New York City to Washington, D.C. six times to create public awareness of the need for adoption reform.

Adoption Related Issues
Grief Work
Relationship Difficulties
Relief from Physical Pain
Sexual Abuse Issues

Portrayed as a therapist in the NBC Made-for-TV movie "The Other Mother"
Played myself as psychotherapist in HBO special “Reno Finds Her Mom”
Played myself in award winning Global Japan documentary, Adoption Therapist

Books by Joseph Soll, C.S.W., including:

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