Corporate Entertainment: Wilson Casey


Wilson Casey: Over 1,000 Live Performances: Candidate for Governor

Corporate Entertainment: Wilson Casey

Program Titles

  • Prepare to match wits with a real Guinness World Record Holder: Wilson Casey The Trivia Guy!
  • Personalized Musical Musical Blurbs Written Especially for Roastee!
  • Musical partner: Guy Workman
  • Guy Workman will entertain with personalized musical blurbs and songs
  • Wilson Casey, the Emcee
  • Trivia
  • Roasting Your Person of The Hour
  • CaseNac the Magnificent
  • Stand-Up Performer
  • Casy as CaseNac the Magnificent!: Hilarious & highly entertaining!

Wilson Casey, a.k.a. The Trivia Guy, is one of the country’s foremost trivia aficionados and entertainers, a comedic / satirical, with an emphasis on politics, writes a syndicated newspaper column, has multi-published books in the marketplace, and holds a position in the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest running (thirty hours) radio trivia broadcast while identifying the correct answer to 3,333
consecutive trivia questions.

Wilson Casey: Let's take a person, the focus of the evening, and subject them to a barrage of insults, put downs, and satirical impersonations. It's off-beat, spontaneous rolling comedy to "honor" the guest of the evening, plus personalized musical blurbs, and it's all recorded for posterity's sake.

Inside information will be obtained, then written about the person of the hour. Wilson Casey will narrate, orchestrate, and keep the "roast" rolling.

Guy Workman will entertain with personalized musical blurbs and songs. Cohorts and friends will join in, too, as part of the program. One-liners will be supplied with original ones welcomed.

Wilson Casey, the Emcee: widely known as "The Trivia Guy", has entertained audiences large and small with his zany spontaneity, witty one-liners, clever come-ons, and strings of barbs, chatter, patter, and all that matters— speaking & entertaining groups of all sizes! Wilson is lots of fun and universally loved by all.

During the past election, he was asked to speak and entertain at several political rallies, at one of those events, I was the follow-up speaker / entertainer to US House of Representatives Congressman.

Audiences around the nation have enjoyed him in his many roles:
as a contestant on NBC's "'Weakest Link",
over 22 years Perfoming Live Radio Broadcasting,
a Guinness World Record Holder in the Trivia category,
a nationally-recognized Syndicated Newspaper Columnist.

Books by Wilson Casey, including:

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