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William Alison Anders

William Alison Anders

Astronaut: Lunar module pilot for Apollo 8

  • Lunar module pilot for Apollo 8
  • US Ambassador to Norway
  • Chairman of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.
Joseph Balzer

Joseph Balzer

Northwest pilots who was convicted of flying a commercial airliner while under the influence of alcohol

  • Joe had to admit he was an alcoholic and take the steps necessary to stay sober.
  • Jury Weighs Drunken Flying Charge
  • In the first drunken-flying conviction of professional pilots, a Federal jury today found three former Northwest Airlines pilots guilty of flying a jetliner under the influence of alcohol
Dr. Peggy Baty

Dr. Peggy Baty

Dr. Peggy Baty held the First Annual Women in Aviation Conference.

  • Women in Aviation
  • Raise the consciousness of people that Earhart was not the only woman of accomplishment in aviation.
Captain Alan L. Bean

Captain Alan L. Bean

Man’s second lunar landing.

  • Science - Outer Space
  • Fourth Man to Walk on the Moon
  • Science - Outer Space/NASA
Major General Charles F. Bolden Jr.

Major General Charles F. Bolden Jr.

Astronaut: He traveled to orbit four times aboard the space shuttle between 1986 and 1994, commanding two of the missions.

  • STS 61-C, STS-31 (Hubble Space Telescope)
Frank Borman

Frank Borman

Frank Borman led the first team of American astronauts to circle the moon, extending man's horizons into space.

  • Gemini 7, Apollo 8
Vance Devoe Brand

Vance Devoe Brand

Apollo 15 and Skylabs: logged 746 hours in space

  • Apollo-Soyuz, Challenger
Daniel Charles Brandenstein

Daniel Charles Brandenstein

Commanded the crew aboard Discovery deploying four satellites and retrieving SPARTAN

  • Challenger, Discovery STS-8, STS 32, STS 49
  • Commanded the crew aboard Discovery deploying four satellites
Colonel,  Kenneth D. Cameron, USMC,

Colonel, Kenneth D. Cameron, USMC,

Pilot on STS-37 and commander on STS-56 and STS-74. His most recent space flight was STS-74, NASA's second Space Shuttle mission to rendezvous and dock with MIR, and the first mission to use the Shuttle to assemble a module and attach it to a Space Statio

  • STS 37, STS 56
  • His technical assignments have included work on Tethered Satellite Payload
  • Russian training in Soyuz and Mir spacecraft
Tweet T. Coleman

Tweet T. Coleman

Pilot and captain of a Learjet; FAA aviation safety inspector; surgical nurse

  • Coleman held various positions including FAA Safety Program Manager, FAA Aviation Safety Inspector, FAA Flight Instructor, Airline Pilot, and Surgical Nurse
  • Coleman provides interface, liaison and coordination between the Western-Pacific Regional Office and FAA personnel in the Pacific Rim.

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