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Eric Chester

Eric Chester

Empowerment: Expert on Generation Why

  • Gen Y and the Dreaded C Word
  • Employing Generation Why
  • Eliminating workplace chaos
Bruce Clark, MBA, Ph.D.

Bruce Clark, MBA, Ph.D.

Bridging the Gap: Building Trust Across the Generations

  • Trends that will determine the demographic transformation of healthcare
  • The impact of the aging baby boom on healthcare: The Baby Boom is about to get sick
  • The sales and marketing implications for the patient of the future
Elliott Ettenberg, MBA

Elliott Ettenberg, MBA

Elliott Ettenberg a consumer marketing executive, helps companies around the world adapt to the baby boomer phenomenon

  • Marketing & Customer Strategy Expert
  • Next Economy: Will You Know Where Your Customers Are?
  • Helps companies around the world adapt to the baby boomer phenomenon
Debra Fiterman

Debra Fiterman

Debra is dedicated to bridging generation gaps at work.

  • Evaluate and make changes in an organization’s culture that will enable all generations to thrive
  • How employees at every level in the organization can play a critical role
  • Motivating and managing a multi-generational workforce.
Jim Gilmartin

Jim Gilmartin

Baby boomers & seniors: The most valuable generations in the history of marketing

  • Everything you think you know about sales & marketing to boomers & older customers may be wrong
  • Leader on increasing sales & marketing effectiveness to boomer+ customers
  • Boomer+ customers: born before 1965 & the single largest & most lucrative consumer group
Kel Gratke

Kel Gratke

A Riddle for the Generations: (Xer)

  • Mind the Generation Gap
  • Kel Gratke is a Generation Xer
  • Boomers May Not Retire, but They Can Still Quit
Lynne Lancaster

Lynne Lancaster

When Generations Collide: Who They Are. Why They Clash. How to Solve the Generational Puzzle at Work

  • Expert on workplace and social trends: When the outlook is challenging
  • Decoding communication issues.
  • Swim with the Sharks without Being Eaten Alive
Kimberly Lear

Kimberly Lear

Leverage the strengths of a multigenerational workforce: Divide

  • How to harness the power of the Millennial cohort
  • Generations & finance
  • Challenges which can arise as a result of generational ...
Amy Lynch

Amy Lynch

Amy offers hands-on solutions for inter-generational conflict

  • Aligning Generations for Bottom Line Results
  • Inter-generational hi jinx and jitters?
  • Finding the Greatest in Every Generation
Joe Marlotti

Joe Marlotti

The M-Factor: How the Millennial Generation Is Rocking the Workplace: One-man show

  • Rocking the Workplace: Leading and Engaging Four Generations
  • The M-Factor: Seven Ways the Millennial Generation Is Shaking Things Up at Work
  • Explore the gaps between the generations we live, work and play.

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