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Robert A. Calvert, Jr.

Robert A. Calvert, Jr.

•Enable the bank to improve profitability, productivity, and its competitive position

  • Give maximum value to insure repeat business and strong referrals – client satisfaction is paramount
  • Strategic Planning
  • Chartering New Banks & H.Co's
Brett King

Brett King

The Modality Shift of Banking: The Big Shift - Brett King: Calling All Banks to Innovate

  • How Customer Behavior & Technology will Change
  • The Future of Retail Financial Services
  • The Battle for the Bank Account: And Why the Banks Will Probably Lose…
D. Anthony Miles, Ph.D., M.B.A.

D. Anthony Miles, Ph.D., M.B.A.

Risk Factors & Business Models, on entrepreneurial risk & the causes of business failure

  • Major complications with the pursuit of business ownership & the risks involved.
  • Take the fear factor out of running your business
  • Ways to increase profitability.
Sudhakar Raju

Sudhakar Raju

Macro-Economics / Finance / Risk Management / Debt / Trends

  • U.S. Deficits & Debt / Monetary / Fiscal Policy
  • Financial & Banking Crisis
  • Systemic Risk & Banking Risk
Barbara Sanfilippo

Barbara Sanfilippo

Barbara Sanfilippo, expert at moving your audience to take Action

  • Experience Life & Work in high definition™
  • Lead in High Definition™ – Inspire breakthrough performance
  • Sell in High Definition™ – Become an expert, build trust, attract new business

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