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Dr. Heik Afheldt

Dr. Heik Afheldt

Future-Factor Leadership

  • Urban development
  • Regional planning
  • Strategic planning
Emmanuel Agius

Emmanuel Agius

What Future for Future Generations?

  • Our Responsibilites Towards Future Generations
  • The Rights of Future Generations
Sheila L. Ainlay, Ph.D.

Sheila L. Ainlay, Ph.D.

Futurist / Forecaster

  • Futurist / Forecaster
  • Planning and Budget
Dr. Karl Albrecht

Dr. Karl Albrecht

Various aspects of business performance.

  • Stress management seminars
  • Executive team building and communication training
  • Win-win Negotiating
Steven C. Ames

Steven C. Ames

Long range & strategic planning

  • Community based visioning & bio-regional planning
  • What is Visioning?
  • Community visioning: Building a strategic vision for the future
Michael S. Ammann

Michael S. Ammann

Internet, online trading, technology, change and the future

  • 4 Steps to Daytrading, Everything You Need to Know About Trading Online.
  • The Convergence of Living, Learning and Working in the New Millennium - Ten Technologies That Will Impact the Way You Live Your Life.
  • How to Use the Internet in Your Daily Life - Networking, Researching & Publishing on the Internet.
Ian Angell

Ian Angell

Winners & Losers of the Information Age: The nation-state is about to become a casualty of the Information

  • Rather than a path to Paradise Lost: Utopia IT will create an overclass that exploits the unskilled
  • Sorting Out the Tangles: painful changes in the cyberspace age - such as the end of the nation state
  • Surviving the Future: how to become a successful cybercitizen.
Joaquin L. Antuna

Joaquin L. Antuna

Peace and Cooperation is a non-governmental organization that promotes a movement of non-violence and creativity to build a world of solidarity.

  • Human rights, development
  • Global peace education
  • A pioneer in development and education for peace
Per Ariansen

Per Ariansen

Questions of responsibility to future generations

  • Environmental philosophy
  • The moral standing of non-humans
  • Philosophical Reflections
J. Scott  Armstrong, Ph.D.

J. Scott Armstrong, Ph.D.

Forecasting methods; strategic planning

  • Research methods and communication
  • Social responsibility in management
  • Forecasting economic damages

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