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Clement Bezold, Ph.D.

Clement Bezold, Ph.D.

Futurist / Forecaster

  • Strategic planning methods in both the public and private sectors
  • Strategic processes for new product development.
  • Vision and scenario development
Arnold Brown

Arnold Brown

Insider's Guide to the Future

  • Emerging trends
  • Change
  • Long-range and strategic planning
Gerald P. Buccino, Ph.D., CPA

Gerald P. Buccino, Ph.D., CPA


  • Crisis Management, Turnarounds & Workouts
  • Exclusivity and DIP Management: Too Much Debtor Control
  • House of Fabrics - A Study Of A failing Business
Daniel A. Burrus

Daniel A. Burrus

How To Use Technology To Go Beyond The Competition

  • Empowering Audiences To Turn Rapid Change Into Competitive Advantage
  • Creating and Sustaining Competitive Advantage
  • Unlocking Technology's Promise
Gerald Celente

Gerald Celente

Future: The most trusted name in trends - Forecasting worldwide

  • Inside track on trends
  • A practical guide to the 21st century, is filled with
  • World Leader in Trend Forcasting
Joseph F. Coates

Joseph F. Coates

America's next thirty years

  • Where information technology is taking us
  • Knowledge management--conditions and consequences
  • The implications of electronic commerce for...
Ann Coombs

Ann Coombs

Creating Living Workplaces

  • Renewal in work, and personal leardership
  • Stewardship and personal leadership
  • Celebrate the unknown, and to remain fearless all at the same time
Robert Mayer Evans, JD

Robert Mayer Evans, JD

He primary focus is on Globalization, Organizational Transformation, Competitiveness

  • Impact of High Technology
  • Demographics of both the Work Force and the new Customer Base resulting from this focus.
  • Media - News Caster
Warren A. Evans

Warren A. Evans

Economists analyze statistics; demographers do ages; techno-guru’s deliver the next ‘Oh Wow!’

  • A Look at Where in the World the World is Going . . .
  • How demographics & broadband are changing the realities of branding, and what leaders need to be doing to get ahead of the curve.
  • How psychographics and technology are changing the future of work, and re-shaping the recruiting wars.
Thomas Frey

Thomas Frey

IBM’s most award-winning engineer: News from the Future

  • Future of Libraries: Transitioning from a center of information into a center of culture, evolving into an entity with function and purpose that is currently unrecognizable in today's world.
  • Future of Education: The distance between the functionally illiterate and the super literate is growing at an exponential rate. Education is now the number one economic priority in today's global economy.
  • Future of Money: Transactions will be real-time and this seemingly minor change will revolutionize the shape and tempo of business.

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