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Steven Aldana, Ph.D.

Steven Aldana, Ph.D.

Biggest threat to profitability is employee health care costs. How healthy employees can reduce health care costs, improve productivity, and dramatically improve the bottom line

  • Improve the Bottom Line by Improving Employee Health
  • 10-20 Years of Extra Life- The Choice is Yours
  • The Truth About Return on Investment and Worksite Health Promotion Programs
Steve Allen, Jr., MD

Steve Allen, Jr., MD

Coping with Change

  • Reducing Stress
  • Coping with Change
  • Energizing Your Work Force
Carol Grace Anderson

Carol Grace Anderson

Solutions to today's challenges in the workplace

  • 3 Top Secrets of Success
  • Change is More Than Nickels & Dimes
  • Get Fired Up Without Burning Out
Christopher M. Avery, Ph.D.

Christopher M. Avery, Ph.D.

Teamwork Is An Individual Skill: Getting Your Work Done When Sharing Responsibility

  • Being Powerful in Any Team
  • Trusting Just Right
  • Dealing with Difficult People
Khevin Barnes

Khevin Barnes

Imagination and creativity in the workplace

  • A Guide to Discovering the Magic of Playfulness in our Lives
  • Creativity and Imagination in the workplace
  • Science of creativity
Doug Scott Beckley

Doug Scott Beckley

Employee - Issues

  • Motivation: getting extraordinary performance from ordinary employees
  • How to provide shockingly good customer service
  • Leadership: obtain, retain & sustain winners in your company
Naomi Lynn Benghiat

Naomi Lynn Benghiat

Working with the disenfranchised and reinventing visionary concepts into viable, mapped out strategies

  • Her passion is to motivate individuals and organizations alike to exceed their own expectations
  • Unleashing their creative talents to form synergistic relationships and become change agents in promoting positive values in the workplace
  • Clarify goals, realign visions and map out a strategy that supports them in achieving their desired objectives.
Barbara Cowan Berg

Barbara Cowan Berg

Balancing Work & Family

  • Keeping The Romance Alive
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Office Politics
Deanna H. Berg, Ed.D.

Deanna H. Berg, Ed.D.

Creative learning strategies: facilitating the improvement efforts of hundreds of organizations

  • Creating Learning Organizations
  • Developing Exceptional Teams
  • Wait for Me...I'm Your Leader
Claire Berger

Claire Berger

Reasons funny works - at work and in life! Humor has the power to: Reduce stress, Boost your immune system, Stimulate creativity, Improve work performance

  • She creates productive humor for corporations
  • Humor & Entertainment, Motivation & Inspiration
  • Hearfelt & Hilarious

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