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Judy Anderson

Judy Anderson

Teeing Off to the Green: Using Golf as a Business Tool

  • Business Golf Unlimited Programs - Learn the skills you need to use golf as a cost effective business tool.
  • The Business/Golf Link - Communicating More Effectively through Golf. Learn to read people like you read the green.
  • The Green Connection: Developing Business Skills through Golf
Robert Bacal

Robert Bacal

How to Make Strategic Planning Work

  • Why Performance Management Fails (and what to do about it)
  • Training Scams That Trainers Play
  • Why Most Training is a Bad Investment
William Bachrach

William Bachrach

Values-Based Selling: The Art of Building High Trust Client Relationships

  • Values-Based Financial PlanningTM
  • Values-Based Financial Planning and High-Trust Leadership
  • Leadership
Hal Becker

Hal Becker

What Makes a Top Salesperson

  • Power Selling - What Makes a Top Salesperson
  • Customer Service
Jeanne Bliss

Jeanne Bliss

Customer Leadership Expert! Meet the Customer Crusader: Life through Your Customers Eyes

  • Organizational Transformation: Becoming a customer company and How to Get There.
  • Customer Experience/ Branding: Get Your Organization Ready to Differentiate and Deliver
  • Customer Profitability: Deliver Experiences Customers DESIRE!
Dr. Richard W. Buchanan

Dr. Richard W. Buchanan

It is never outsiders who destroy an organization

  • Getting a Customer-Centered Culture for your Whole Organization
  • Marketing for Non-Marketers
  • The Seven Deadly Sins of
Jack Daly

Jack Daly


  • Let's Get Everyone Aligned, Committed And Excited
  • How The Best Get Better - The New Rules Of Selling
  • Change? Try Revolution!
John J. Daly

John J. Daly

Customer Service/Hospitality

  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Achieving Crystal Clear Communications
  • Customer Caring Commandments
Robert Davis

Robert Davis

Implement Now, Perfect Later: 52 Practical Ways to Increase Gains and Decrease Pains of Perfectionism

  • How to Turn Contacts into Contracts: Mastering the Art of Follow-up
  • How to Build Rewarding Personal and Professional Relationships
  • How to Get Customers to Sing Your Praises
Amie Devero, BA, MSc, MS

Amie Devero, BA, MSc, MS

Bring Your Core Values to Life

  • Get in the V-Zone: Bringing Core Values to Life
  • Producing Results in a Too-Much-to-Do World
  • Break Through To Breakthrough Results

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