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David Keith Aaker

David Keith Aaker

How to hit a bull's-eye with each opportunity thru Customer Service

  • It's all about communication, listening skills & the competition filter
  • Definitions of customer service
  • Behavior, habits, attitude and belief of your customers.
Dr. Karl Albrecht

Dr. Karl Albrecht

Various aspects of business performance.

  • Stress management seminars
  • Executive team building and communication training
  • Win-win Negotiating
Lisa M. Aldisert

Lisa M. Aldisert

Valuing People

  • How to attract, retain and motivate performance champions
  • How you can learn how to become more valuable in the workplace.
  • Learn how emerging issues and trends significantly impact the growth and profitability of your firm.
Debbie Allen

Debbie Allen

Expanding Minds to Maximize Business Growth and Exceed Sales Goals

  • How to Compete and Succeed Against the Retail Giants
  • Marketing Like a Super Star: Secret Triggers That Motivate Customers to Buy
  • Cultivating and Keeping Loyal Customers
Jeanne Smalling  Archer

Jeanne Smalling Archer

Life Journeys

  • Customer Service Hospitality
  • Preserving the life stories that make every person unique.
Lior Arussy

Lior Arussy

Customer-Centric Transformation – The Blueprint to Execution and Profitability

  • Exceptional or Nothing - The New Performance Standard
  • Delight or Sell - Customer Experience as a Competitive Advantage
  • Sales Culture versus Customer Culture – The Inevitable Clash
Winnie Ary

Winnie Ary

Positive impact on sales and customer service efforts in all types of business, from entrepreneurial upstarts to corporate giants.

  • Prospecting & Positioning: Don't Kiss On The First Date
  • Facing The Fear Of Fact-Finding
  • Selling Is A Learned Behavior
Jania L. Bailey

Jania L. Bailey

Leadership Skills: Keys to Performance

  • Improve Employee Performance
  • Productivity & Profitability
  • Communication skills vital to success
Robert Lawrence Bailey

Robert Lawrence Bailey

Plain Talk About Leadership

  • Focus on communication, recognition and motivation
  • Ethics, strategic planning, and improving
  • Secrets of super successful salespeople
Ann Lovett Baird

Ann Lovett Baird

Taking you to the next level of sales, faith and life

  • Balancing work and family can be trick these days
  • Salespeople improve their performance
  • Inspires and encourages you to look beyond everyday lives to your passions or calling in life; to your dreams.

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