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Judy Kaplan Baron, Ph.D.

Judy Kaplan Baron, Ph.D.

If participants are going to learn and retain information, you must incorporate a variety of ways to engage them.

  • Before you can effectively answer any interviewer's questions, you must identify your skills.
  • The more you know about interviewing and the better prepared you are, the greater the likelihood you'll be successful.
  • Successful Interviewing: Bottom-Line Tools, Tips and Techniques
Bruce Benedict

Bruce Benedict

Aim Accurately at Your Next Career

  • Federal Job Search
  • Federal Resume Writing
  • Federal Interview Skills
John Hall

John Hall

Interviewing Skills: Help, guidance and support in proposal development for target organizations.

  • Development of interview strategies
  • Turn contacts into Contracts
  • The use of assessment instruments including 360 degree feedback
John J. Hall, CPA

John J. Hall, CPA

Normal interview skills may be insufficient to determine whether an individual is withholding information, shading the truth or outright lying, so it’s wise to learn fraud-based interview skills before they’re needed

  • Identify and improve areas of exposure to businessrisk, wrongdoing, & fraud
  • The challenge is that those individuals committing wrongful acts & fraud can—and do—lie to the auditor or manager.
  • Members of an organization who may have knowledge of wrongdoing but aren’t involved in perpetrating it are often a good source of information
Stan B. Walters

Stan B. Walters

Interview and Interrogation: The Lie Guy

  • The Truth About Lying: How To Spot A Lie and Protect Yourself From Deception
  • Practical Kinesic Interview & Interrogation®. : Assists the interviewer in recognizing the cues of truthful and deceptive behavior.
  • Credibility Assessment Validity Study

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