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David Ackert, M.A.

David Ackert, M.A.

David Ackert: Smartest Way to Get More Clients

  • Networking that Works: Make the Right Connections
  • Networking 2.0: Social Media Strategies
  • How to Get More Referrals from Your Clients: The Smartest Way to Get More Clients
Willis A. Allen

Willis A. Allen

Devoted to improving the skills of people at work.

  • Process improvement : Human resource development
  • Expert in the fields of leadership
  • Practical techniques for improving the organizational effectiveness
Brian Duene Benedict

Brian Duene Benedict

Brian Duene Benedict: Building the Business of U

  • Selling U First
  • Everyone Communicates, Few Connect
  • Become a Person of Influence
Jane Boucher, Ph.D.

Jane Boucher, Ph.D.

How we sometimes get so focused on one aspect of our business that we miss a more important truth

  • Communication is a must for dealing with co-workers you hate
  • Instincts work in business decisions
  • Never lose sight of your customers
Charles D. Brennan, Jr.

Charles D. Brennan, Jr.

Charles D. Brennan, Jr.: On developing client relationships, advanced questioning, & listening skills

  • Advancing Interaction & Dialogue
  • Accelerating Decisions
  • Resolving Objections
Ja Marr Brown

Ja Marr Brown

How to Achieve More by Doing Less

  • Selling in Color
  • Your Future Starts Now
  • Stop Setting Goals & Start Being Excellent
Lisbeth Wiley Chapman

Lisbeth Wiley Chapman

Career - Management

  • Career - Management
  • Professional Development for Financial Professionals
  • PR Retainer relationship
Rosanne D'Ausilio, Ph.D.

Rosanne D'Ausilio, Ph.D.

Customer Service & The Human Experience: Turning Challenges Into Opportunities

  • The 5 W's of World Class Customer Service
  • How to Kick Your Customer Service Up A Notch
  • Communication is Not a 4-Letter Word
Dr. Joey Faucette

Dr. Joey Faucette

Work Positive in a Negative World: Redefine Your Reality & Achieve Your Business Dreams

  • Intention: The Road to Nowhere
  • Deal with Negative People without Becoming One
  • The Achievement Prescription
Phyllis C. Horner, Ph.D.

Phyllis C. Horner, Ph.D.

Mid-career is a natural time for reflection and taking stock

  • Decisions, Decisions – How to Banish Doubt and Embrace Ambiguity
  • What do Yin and Yang have to do with wise leadership practices?
  • Overview of Leading in Changing Times

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