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Joaquin L. Antuna

Joaquin L. Antuna

Peace and Cooperation is a non-governmental organization that promotes a movement of non-violence and creativity to build a world of solidarity.

  • Human rights, development
  • Global peace education
  • A pioneer in development and education for peace
Brenda Gayle Bryant

Brenda Gayle Bryant

Using appropriate leadership and management techniques that foster employer-employee interaction

  • Skills - Presentation
  • A plan of attack to reach the next level
  • How to diagnose and fix upcoming issues
Cheryl Burress

Cheryl Burress

It all begins with the basics of emergency management and how these relate to the threats and hazards that could affect you - SARS, Terrorism, Weather, etc. What threats & hazards concern you?

  • Backup and Recovery
  • Disaster Recovery Plan Development
  • Planning, Prevention and Preparedness
Marvin J. Cetron, Ph.D.

Marvin J. Cetron, Ph.D.

One of the nation's foremost futurists, one of the top 10 Industrial Engineers in the U.S.

  • How American Business and Education Can Cooperate to Save Our Schools
  • The Future of American Business
  • The U.S. in World Competition
Chong Ju Choi, Ph.D., MBA

Chong Ju Choi, Ph.D., MBA

Professor of International Business Strategy: Expert on the economics & business strategies of Pacific Asia.

  • Intellectual and Knowledge Transfer
  • Strategic Alliances
  • Multimedia
Edward A. DuCoin

Edward A. DuCoin

Business Philosophies That Work From an Inc 500 CEO

  • Operational Excellence From an Inc 500 CEO
  • Leadership Philosophies
  • How a Garage Start Up Became A Publicly Traded Company
Sue F. Dyer, M.B.A.

Sue F. Dyer, M.B.A.

Business - Negotiations: Ability To Build Strong Cohesive Teams and Successful Organizations

  • Business - Negotiations: Serving the Building, Construction, and Design Communities
  • First woman in the U.S. to head a major collective bargaining unit for the construction industry
  • Negotiated agreements with Laborers, Operating Engineers, Teamsters, Plumbers, Cement Masons, Pile Drivers, Fire Sprinklers, and Carpenters Unions
David Carl Fullmer

David Carl Fullmer

Public relation strategies

  • Cloud Based Social Media Marketing
  • Leadership Development
  • Leading At The Speed of Trust
Jeannette Galvanek

Jeannette Galvanek

Future - Proof Your Business

  • Mobility: The Way We Work, Live & Care
  • Confronting The Unprepared:Local Care Delivery
  • Caring Family: When the new majority of the workforce is facing caregiving responsibilities
Sean Geehan, M.B.A.

Sean Geehan, M.B.A.

Sustainable, Predictable and Profitable Growth

  • B2B strategies: Build customer relationships at executive levels
  • Focused on B2B marketing and operations
  • Increase customer loyalty

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