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Katherine Abbott

Katherine Abbott

Katherine Abbott developed the train the trainer courses

  • Communications skills
  • Tech Trainer's Advantageā„¢,
  • Writer's Advantageā„¢,
Pat Allen, Ph.D.

Pat Allen, Ph.D.

Unique, humorous way of delivering power-packed, uplifting messages which appeal to the hearts of everyone.

  • Behind What Men Really Think About Sex and Dating!
  • Have We Lost Our Ability to Mate and Relate?
  • 10 Secrets to Getting and Keeping the Right Relationship
ZaLonya Allen, Ph.D.

ZaLonya Allen, Ph.D.

Maximizing Human Resources

  • Success with Self Esteem
  • 7 Ways to Say No to Fear and Yes to Your Dreams
  • The Art of Self Motivation: 10 Ways to Get Motivated
Arlene Alpert, M.S., LMHC

Arlene Alpert, M.S., LMHC

Emotional Re-Education and Spiritual Growth

  • Power of Presentation Skills
  • Solve Daily Business Challanges
  • Unlease your Potential
Chris Alpine

Chris Alpine

Comedian: Alpine deftly walks the line between goofy and genius. Quick, highly verbal and a real laugh maker

  • Hysterical, fast-paced and fun!
  • Communication Deficit Disorder
  • He took us on a roller coaster ride of witty, funny and just hilarious escapades that entertained us and brought us together as a group
Harvey Alston

Harvey Alston

Be your Best

  • Destined for Greatness
  • Working Effectively with Others
  • Marketing Your Organization
Steve Altes

Steve Altes

Humorist, rocket scientist: National Medal of Technology

  • Humorous, inspirational talks
  • Corporate Comedy
  • Corporate Communications
Joan Anderson

Joan Anderson

Designing Your Unfinished Life, The 9-Point Process of Mind Body Spirit Renewal

  • Enhance Your Spirit, Free Your Mind:Change Occurs only when you Stop Living the Expected Life
  • Shaking the Family Tree: Well Behaved Women don't Make History!
Kare C. Anderson

Kare C. Anderson

Communications Skills / Selling & Conflict Resolution

  • How Can We Be So Wrong About What Others Are Thinking?
  • Benefits of Credible, Compelling Brand Ambassadors
  • Make Every Encounter More Positively Productive
Carol J. Andrus

Carol J. Andrus

Techniques for Improving Correspondence

  • Techniques for Improving Correspondence
  • Crisp: Better Business Writing
  • Fat-Free Writing: Business Writing for the Information Age

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