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Carole Romatko - Cliffe

Carole Romatko - Cliffe

Strategies to integrate character values: Character Counts

  • Language development specialist
  • Program which integrates character education and the language arts state standards
  • Enhancing moral literacy.
Neita F. Geilker, Ph.D.

Neita F. Geilker, Ph.D.

How To Remove Gobbledygook, Buzzwords, Businessese, Techno Babble, Jargon and Other Gibberish from Your Copy

  • Public Relations, Writing & Communications
  • A writer who really understands the information can translate it accurately into lay language.
  • So you think big words make you look intelligent? Think again.
Sam Horn

Sam Horn

Stop unethical, Uncooperative, or Unpleasant People from Running and Ruining Your Life

  • Tongue Fu!® How to Deflect, Disarm, and Defuse Any Verbal Conflict
  • Get Focused and Pay Attention - When Life Is Filled with Pressures, Distractions, and Multiple Priorities
  • Communication, Dealing with Difficult People,
Naseem Javed

Naseem Javed

Naming companies, implementing corporate name changes

  • Golden Rules of Naming
  • Difficulties of Naming a Corporation
  • Language Problems in the International Market
Marian York

Marian York

Empowerment: Save Time, Energy & Money with Proactive WORD power

  • You Win or Lose with the Words You Choose
  • That's Communication!
  • Accelerating Change with WORDpower

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