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Jay S. Albanese, Ph.D.

Jay S. Albanese, Ph.D.

Contemporary Issues in Organized Crime

  • Crime & Justice & the Law
  • Organized Crime in America
Yvonne Bornstein

Yvonne Bornstein

Journey Of Courage: Personal Kidnapping Experience Terror, Torture & histroic FBI & KGB rescue

  • Plane ticket: $900. / Kidnapping - $3,000,000. / Freedom - Priceless
  • Russian Roulette: Doing Business in Eastern Block Countries
  • Bodyguard : Don't leave your hotel in Russia without one
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Richard R. Buhrmann, CPP

How to protect yourself and the things you care about.

  • Threat Assessment
  • Risk Anallyzer for industry
  • Homeland Security: How not to be a target of terrorism at home, while traveling or at work
Sgt. Mark Buschena

Sgt. Mark Buschena

Personal protection, shoplifting, robbery prevention and workplace violence,

  • Safety - Personal: Crime Prevention
  • I think most people are starved for recognition. People deserve recognition for a job well done.
  • My Dissertation on Regurgitation
Dr. John D. Byrnes

Dr. John D. Byrnes

Aggression Management: Aggression Management® Skills

  • Are You Responsible for the Safety of Your Staff
  • Conventional Approaches to Aggression and Violence Prevention are not Working!
  • Prevent aggression from happening in the first place, and benefit by the increased productivity.
Kevin T. Coffey

Kevin T. Coffey

Travel safety: An Undercover Cop's Guide to Avoiding Pickpockets, Luggage Theft and Travel Scams

  • An Undercover Cop's Guide to Avoiding Pickpockets, Luggage Theft and Travel Scams
  • Hotel Safety: Arresting thoughts on unwanted guests
  • Identity Theft, Protecting your good name
Murray L. Cohen, Ph.D.

Murray L. Cohen, Ph.D.

Prevention of occupationally transmitted infections, including bacterial diseases (anthrax, tuberculosis) and bloodborne viruses (HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, ebola).

  • Businesses wishing to protect their employees, customers, and shareholders from today's new risks.
  • Homeland Security for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers
  • Economic Espionage & Intelligence Issues for Corporations
Deborah J. Courtner

Deborah J. Courtner

Learn More About Overcoming Obstacles and Victor Empowerment

  • It is time for crime victims to become empowered.
  • Have You Been A Victim Of Crime?
Steven L. Gottlieb, M.P.A.

Steven L. Gottlieb, M.P.A.

Crime Analysis Techniques

  • Crime & Intelligence analysts
  • How to Develop a Crime Analysis Program & How to Run a Crime Analysis Unit
  • Functions of Crime Analysis & Which Ones Lead to Arresting Results
Gordon Graham, J.D.

Gordon Graham, J.D.

What is Real Risk Management?

  • Systematic approach to getting things done right
  • Why Things Go Right – Why Things Go Wrong
  • Workplace Violence – Techniques for Elimination

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