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Pastor, Dave Christopher Bryan

Pastor, Dave Christopher Bryan

Dave Christopher Bryan on promoting Confidence: Stand up against Bullying

  • Together we can do more!
  • I Wont Bully: Bullied to Death, Anti-Bullying
  • Building Self Esteem
Michael Stephen Dorn

Michael Stephen Dorn

School Safety Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow: Improving School Safety, Climate & Culture

  • Weakfish - Bullying Through the Eyes of a Child
  • School Safety Yesterday, Today & Tommorrow
  • Reseach - Based School Crisis Planning Concepts
Richard P. Gallagher

Richard P. Gallagher

How To Study

  • How to Study - Working Smart in School
  • How to Study - The Three C's to Success
  • Making Proper Choices
Mark Jankowski

Mark Jankowski

Specializing in conducting live negotiation sessions

  • Making the Deal: Win-Win Negotiations
  • The Power of Nice: How to Negotiate to Everyone
  • Bullies, Tyrants, & Impossible People: How to Beat Them Without Joining Them
Kate MacHugh, BSW

Kate MacHugh, BSW

Ugly: The Story of a Bullied Girl

  • The Story of a Bullied Girl....Kate MacHugh
  • Improve your behavior management
  • Create a more positive, supportive culture
Gina Otto

Gina Otto

The Plight of Girls Globally: Cassandra’s Angel has a secret to share, one that will inspire children of all ages

  • How to Change Your World Now
  • Media Literacy and Body Image
  • The New Age of Bullying
Allyson Pereira

Allyson Pereira

Anti-bullying advocate: Sexting / Bullying / Cyberbullying

  • Nude photos & cruel messages, teen digital dating abuse grows
  • Digital dating abuse
  • She never expected the image would be spread like wildfire
Linda S. Treasure, MA

Linda S. Treasure, MA

Premier sexual harassment prevention program: Stopping & Preventing

  • Harassment & Bullying
  • Made a touchy subject comfortable
  • Is Bullying the New Harassment?
Kenneth S. Trump

Kenneth S. Trump

Youth: Reduce safety risks and liability

  • Prevent and manage school violence
  • School Safety: Helping school administrators get control of school safety and emergency preparedness planning in their schools and school-community
  • School safety issues during highly emotional and / or political circumstances
Jim Tuman

Jim Tuman

Learn how to communicate with children in a supportive and non-judgmental way.

  • Spot kids at risk and walks them through to a workable solution
  • Lessen critical problems of teen suicide, teen pregnancy, drop out rate, teen violence and drug abuse.
  • Develop greater awareness skills, which could save a child's life.

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