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Humberto J. Aguilar

Humberto J. Aguilar

Humberto J. Aguilar: Indicted for money laundering

  • Fraud & Money Laundering
  • Meet the Money Launderer
  • Money Laundering: Know Your Banker
Bob Arno

Bob Arno

Pickpocket: High-impact, high-comedy, audience participation: Street-Crime, Anti-Theft

  • Is your competition picking your pocket?
  • How to Avoid Thefts, Cons, & Street Scams: Secrets of the Steal Business
  • Crime humor: Pickpockets & other street crime - Interactive Comedy: The Art of the Steal
Howard Comen

Howard Comen

Detective Howard Comen has conducted rank and file divorce, missing person and criminal defense as well as high profile investigations of public corruption.

  • Detective Howard Comen has conducted rank and file divorce, missing person and criminal defense as well as high profile investigations of public corruption.
  • Comen, a private investigator, is trying to unravel the mystery of 1920s socialite Max von Gerlach — or maybe his name was Max Stark Gerlach.
  • Professor, private investigator team up in search of the real 'Great Gatsby'
Troy D. Evans

Troy D. Evans

Troy D. Evans shares his story, Convicted Bank Robber, Everyone is in one kind of a prison or another.

  • Strength To Believe: Troy's riveting story will grab you, inspire you, & teach you to put high values on your future freedom, life, love and work.
  • Internal Prisons: The Thief of Productivity and Quality in our Workforce
  • Playing On The Most Important Team
Tim Gard

Tim Gard

Authority on stress reduction through humor & a humor philosopher

  • Developing Comic Vision
  • Change the Game: How to increase morale while enhancing productivity
  • Encounter the situational stressors, toxic people & challenges inherent to our lives
John J. Hall, CPA

John J. Hall, CPA

Normal interview skills may be insufficient to determine whether an individual is withholding information, shading the truth or outright lying, so it’s wise to learn fraud-based interview skills before they’re needed

  • Identify and improve areas of exposure to businessrisk, wrongdoing, & fraud
  • The challenge is that those individuals committing wrongful acts & fraud can—and do—lie to the auditor or manager.
  • Members of an organization who may have knowledge of wrongdoing but aren’t involved in perpetrating it are often a good source of information
Jayne Hitchcock

Jayne Hitchcock

Cybercrime, Cybercriminals & Internet Safety

  • The Wild, Wild Web: Cyberstalking
  • The Wild, Wild Web: The Basics of Online Investigations
  • Spam Not In A Can
Harry J Houck, Jr., NYPD, Detective Retired

Harry J Houck, Jr., NYPD, Detective Retired

Naivete is the Hallmark of Vulnerability

  • The Face of Terrorism in the US
  • An Analysis of the 9/11 Report
  • Truths and Misconceptions Regarding Fraud
Tom M. Limoli, Jr., BSCJ

Tom M. Limoli, Jr., BSCJ

Tom Limoli, Jr. is the prevailing expert on proper coding & administration of dental insurance benefit claims.

  • Limoli has actively investigated fraudulent claims for the insurance industry
  • No-nonsense approach to the management of third-party reimbursement has been implemented in thousands of dental practices across the country.
  • Dental Insurance & Reimbursement Management
Pamela Meyer, MBA, MA

Pamela Meyer, MBA, MA

Learn to recognize the facial expressions, gestures and language of deception

  • Read People: BASIC method for spotting high-stakes lies
  • Truths about Lying and a Radical Path to Trust
  • Liespotting: Proven Techniques to Detect Deception

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