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Gordon Astley

Gordon Astley

Mind Over Matter: How to Improve the Mind

  • Mind Reader
  • Tarot Reading
  • Graphologists
Marc Bachrach

Marc Bachrach

Marc Bachrach, the world-renowned stage hypnotist and hypnotherapist

  • Comedy Hypnosis Show
  • Comedy Magic & Hypnosis Variety Show
  • Comedy Mentalism & Hypnotism Variety Show
Robert Channing

Robert Channing

Robert Channing’s E.S.P. show is amazing, riveting and clean - with a perfect blend of comedy

  • Robert Channing’s amazing ESP Show is sure to leave your audience amazed and thoroughly entertained.
  • Amazing ESP - Mentalist Show
  • Mind Power & Power Goals
Randy Charach

Randy Charach

Non-offensive humor and incredibly amazing magic and mind-reading

  • Mentalism or Psychic Entertainment
  • Randy Charach is the Worlds Funniest Psychic
  • Randy Charach: Full of practical content that can be applied immediately at home & work
Steve Cohen

Steve Cohen

Steve Cohen, Millionaire’s Magician

  • Would you like to become more Commanding, Convincing, and Charismatic?
  • Capturing people's imaginations and attention so they listen carefully to every word you say.
  • Misdirection. The most important trick in all of magic—getting inside people's heads, and directing what they are thinking at every minute.
Paul W. Draper

Paul W. Draper

Mysteries of the Mind: Intellectual excitement / Mentalist | Anthropologist

  • Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have super-powers?
  • You can read their minds, and betting them you can prove it?
  • Uncanny talent for reading the thoughts and the emotions of others.
Bob Garner

Bob Garner

Funny & Motivational: Bob Garner - Content Rich · Inspiring · Entertaining · Amazing

  • What Can I Do From This Point Forward? : A Presentation that Helps Others
  • Make the Magic Happen
  • ESP - Expect Something Phenomenal
Uri Geller

Uri Geller

Uri Geller, Motivational, inspirational, empowering

  • Leaves the audience amazed, mesmerized, motivated, enthusiastic, revitalised and with a much improved positive mental attitude, state of mind & self-belief.
  • The power of positive thinking & how to become a positive thinker
  • The benefits of peace of mind, and how to achieve it.
Brian Gillis

Brian Gillis

Mentalism and Body Magic that defies the laws of physics. Brian Gillis and Sisuepahn's show is highly interactive; fast-paced, and very funny

  • Brian Gillis and Sisuepahn Stage Show: Psychic, Comedy Magic...Body Magic
  • Brian Gillis Strolling Magic (Coins, cards, pickpocketing, giveaway dog trick)
  • Interactive Sleight of Hand / Sleight of Mind
Michael Grandinetti

Michael Grandinetti

Master Illusionist Michael Grandinetti: The Magic of

  • Miracles Up-Close: Sleight of Hand Magic
  • An Interactive Experience: Stand-up Platform Show
  • Illusion & Reality: Mid-Size Illusion Show

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